5 ways you can increase your exercise levels starting today

It’s cold out there I know but maintaining a level of physical activity throughout the year can and should be done as much as possible. Give yourself a head start on the multitudes of people that will turn up at the gym or outdoor group workout by increasing your physical activity/exercise levels through these 5 things, and they are:

Take the stairs is a taxing pursuit for even the most athletic and endurance hardened of us. You could work in an office, shopping centre, using public transport or visiting a friend or family member – you’ll come across stairs at some point and when you do take the opportunity to get some exercise in.

Park away from home and/or work in order to give yourself more walking time, thinking and reflection time. Doing this consistently will help you to amass a large number of steps and calories burnt per week and month.

Stand more may sound like nothing special but you burn calories standing. If you have meetings in the office stand, if you’re on public transport stand, while at home stand as much as is doable for you and stand some more.

Walk with the family brings togetherness to the family, you’ll enjoy the activity and see and experience new things and surroundings. Walking shouldn’t cost you anything but rather it will give to you.

Try our exercise ideas – you don’t need a gym membership for us to design a programme for you just a desire to better yourself and look after your health is needed. Minimal equipment needed and bold ideas that will stretch you are a guarantee, you’ll achieve your target with patient persistence. 

For more information leave us a message [Here] and for more ideas to get you active see the NHS link – https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/exercise/get-active-your-way/

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