Home Training and Hitting Goals

So you don’t like Gym’s and have just spent a good few pounds on home gym equipment, great!! You’re one step closer to reaching the goals you’ve set yourself and you should be pleased with yourself for putting your money where your mouth is. However, balancing out your body and exercising safely shouldn’t be ignored because a home gym could be even more dangerous than working out in your local gym.

High Angle View Of A Workout Plan In Notebook At Wooden Desk

Working with a gym plan will ensure you don’t overwork some muscles while neglecting others. Reading through magazines and trying out the trending exercise of the day won’t give you a solid foundation but will rather have you shifting from exercise to exercise, week-by-week, slowing results overall. It would be better to start with a foundation of exercises that meet your needs and push your progression for anywhere between 8 weeks and 6 months. This will help you to see your strong-points and the weaker points that you need improvement in.

Gym Instructors and Personal Trainers are employed to do more than tell you what to do in the gym. They will have knowledge of anatomy which allows them to notice body imbalances and help you to rectify those issues. Having a home gym doesn’t mean you can’t employ a Personal Trainer to help you increase in size while working out at home or in losing weight.

You can hit every target you set yourself while training outside of the gym it just takes more creativity and preparation. For help on your fitness journey with a programme written specifically for you, send me a message [Here].

Abu Hafs Hanif – Rep’s and Cimspa registered Fitness Instructor.

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