Exercise Therapy: Top Pursuits to help you de-stress

Weight Training

Stress, depression and anxiety are common issues people deal with and have to fight through. Men can often face these issues but never seek out specialist help that may be of benefit. If you’re tired of mental ill-health, stress, and tired of talking (or not), you may find benefit and ease in getting more physical exercise into your daily routine.

Exercise is known for raising your mood and group activities can help you to build friendships that are based around togetherness, team effort and mental strength as well as physical strength. When we exercise our brains release various chemicals such as endorphins and dopamine which are believed to have a connection to raised mood and good feelings, so increasing your levels of physical activity may be your ticket out of the dark clouds.

So here are some physical activity pursuits I recommend for you to try out and research for yourself, they are:

Swimming is a great sport that works your heart and limbs. AnxietyUK.org say “Swimming is a fun and effective way to relieve stress, possibly more so than other types of physical exercise. Being in contact with water, by itself, can help to loosen up both body and mind.” If you don’t know how to swim it’s recommended you employ a trainer to help you with this since swimming can be more dangerous than other forms of physical activity but once you’re swimming you’ll find it hard to forget how to do it.

Running doesn’t have to cost much and the benefits of it can reach far. Seeing new scenery and sights can put you in a good mood, waking up early and seeing the sunrise, something many people will miss out on seeing. Your body’s ability to take in and utilize oxygen will increase with regular exercise not forgetting its ability to increase the happy chemicals in your brain.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is a form of self-defence and a skill that will teach you self-discipline, raise your mood and build camaraderie with those you spar with. A sport and martial art that was further developed in Brazil by the Gracie family, you’ll find humbleness and determination to do better will build confidence and reduce your stress as you grapple with unlocking the code to the skills your opponent possesses.

Archery is a skill and sport that will build your self-esteem, mind-muscle awareness, stamina and accuracy. A skill that was recommended or at least approved of by our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), archery will increase you in confidence and give you a target to channel your thoughts into, leaving your worries behind for a time.

Weight Training and weight training rooms get a bad wrap from many corners but weight training really is for the brave, brave enough to seek growth and battle their own mental limitations. Men and women alike find benefits in resistance training because it helps to slow muscle and bone breakdown, especially in older people but in terms of stress, you’ll feel more relaxed due to brain chemical activation like in swimming. Looking at your growth over a period of regular gym activity will also increase your good moods and confidence.

Abu Hafs Hanif is at the heart of helping Men better their current fitness and nutritional situation through tailored plans and programmes that educate and empower our clients to lead balanced lifestyles in terms of health. Tackling eating habits that hinder progression and adapting nutritional diets, we will help you to live healthy, happy and longer God willing.

Leave us a message in the contact box for help on your journey to stressing less or [CLICK HERE].

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