Goal Setting the SMART Way

It’s just about Spring again and you’re ready to lose a few pounds and get back to the fitness level you remember so well, those days when you could run fast enough to catch the next bus stop in no time. That’s all good, the determination is there and you have your gym wear ready but do you know what you want? You can run right now if you had to but do you know specifically what you want to achieve through exercise and a better dietary plan?

At Abu Hafs Hanif Fitness and Nutrition we help men of all ages and sizes reach their goals and goal setting is what this blog post is about. Setting goals can be done in a number of ways but the goals need to be SMART. Remember that if you don’t set the goal how will you know if you’ve achieved anything? When you set goals you can mark-off key point in your journey that you feel had significance.

SMART – Specific, Measured, Achievable, Realistic and Timebound.

Specific: tells you and I exactly how much weight you want to be at or what shirt size you want to be wearing or the body fat percentage you would like to maintain.

Measured: tells you and I that the goal is measurable through scales, measuring tape, skinfold callipers or even you putting on the size shirt you wished to fit into.

Achievable: meaning that the goal is testing and taxing but within your capability of achievability. 

Relevant: meaning are there other goals that you want to attain that are more of a priority, then focus on that first. Ask yourself…why is this goal important to you?

Timebound: meaning is it possible for you to achieve the desired results within the time you have agreed to?

Setting goals in this way will help you and motivate you to keep pushing forward. Gaining and losing weight is not easy and you are doing yourself good and likely motivating others by your efforts. To look and feel better may not be your prime reasons for setting SMART goals, rather, losing weight to avoid aches and pains, high blood pressure or to please your wife and/or to increase labido maybe your reasons or something more pressing to you. No matter your reason for wanting to lose weight setting targets can only help; stick to the plan, keep working and you’ll achieve your goals God willing. 

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