Reasons why you’re Gaining Weight and the Cure

Weight gain in all the wrong places can come about by more than overeating; as we age our bodies go through changes and life can take a toll on us. With motivation, a good diet, regular exercise, sleep and the list goes on you can turn the battle with weight issues to your favour. This article will discuss the various reasons why you may be gaining unwanted weight and ways you can go about controlling your weight.


Your Metabolism controls how many Calories you burn per day and is also responsible for the chemical processes that keep your body functioning such as breathing, repairing cells and digesting your meals. These processes require energy and this is where the calories you eat come in. Factors like age, body type, gender and genes all have effects on your metabolism. The more muscle you have and the less fat you are storing pull a man toward a faster metabolism. But as we age we start to increase in fat and lose muscle and so your metabolism slows down. Implementing a balanced diet and aiming to lose 1 – 2 lbs of weight (i.e. fat) per week can help ensure you don’t lose muscle mass in the process.

Food selection:

Hydrogenated Fat (trans fats) are unhealthy and should be avoided as much as possible. They are chemically altered fats used by businesses to preserve foods for longer (longer shelf life). Ideally, you want to stick to foods that have had little to no processing used upon them. The quantity you eat can also be an issue causing you to gain weight. The average person is recommended to have 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day (manageable if you try) so selecting your food well is a fast way to managing weight. 

Stress & Anxiety:

Stress and worry negatively affect the body, including the heart and mind. Hormonal changes can take place which can increase your desire for comfort foods and disturbing your eating patterns. Exercise, contemplation, prayer, eating foods like fish and avocado as well as drinking a lot of water can help change the flow of stress.


Not getting enough sleep can alter your eating habits. You may find yourself in the kitchen in the middle of the night “pigging out” which displeases you generally. Exercise during your week regularly will help you get a better quality of sleep because of its effects upon your body clock.


Exercise is a sustainable way to burn calories and there are so many forms of exercise you can engage in. Some people believe Strength training is for bodybuilders and that the best way would be to engage in Aerobic activities like Jogging or Cycling however weight training is very effective, more so than cardio, at building muscle. Muscle burns more calories at rest than some other tissues and that includes fat, meaning you can reach your weight target with a solid gym plan including strength training and cardio work. Along with exercise, as you’ll see above, the food you eat has a great effect upon how your body feels and how your weight fluctuates so reduce fast food, eat more fruit and vegetables, fibre, healthy fats and drink water throughout the day. These steps will help you to manage your weight.


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