Lockdown Leg Strength

Take the Stairs

If you’ve been searching the internet for gym session ideas during this Coronavirus Pandemic then you’ve just struck gold, my friend. I hope you and your family are in the best of health and benefiting from this time at home by seeking knowledge, good conversation and even better food.

For those of you that are reading an article from myself for the first time, thanks for checking for me, my name is Hanif, you can call me Abu Hafs. I’m a REP’s and CIMSPA registered Fitness Instructor and AfN Certified Level 3 Nutritional Adviser. I enjoy exercise, good health food, spending time with my growing family, reading and studying, meeting my brothers, perfume and sportswear.

At this time when the UK is in lockdown mode due to the Coronavirus, it may be hard to enjoy life in normal ways. You may be a regular in the gym, love running or riding your bike for exercise and to visit various sites. So to keep you in top form as much as possible I’ve got a leg session that’s just what you need to keep your Quads, Hamstrings and Lower Legs rock heard.

Before any exercise, you’ll want to warm-up and stretch to prepare your muscles for the real work you’ll put them through. Once those steps have been done you’ll be primed for the task, stretching can aid your range of motion so you’ll stay flexible generally.

Bodyweight Squat:
Working your Quads and Glutes this exercise will also require you to engage your core muscles (Abdominals). Standing upright with feet shoulder-width apart and facing forward, and feet pointing straight ahead, (1) engage your core while breathing in (2) flex at the hips (3) slightly arch your back (4) push your rear out externally (4) bend at the knees to find yourself in the squatting position. From this point you should drive upwards with your feet firmly placed on the ground, breathing out to find yourself in your original standing position. Hold the squat for 3 seconds for each repetition, going for 8 – 12 reps and 3-5 sets. Include Dumbbells if available for increased resistance.

Forward Lunges:
This exercise will require you to maintain good balance while also increasing you in strength, working your Quads as well as Hamstrings and Glutes.
From an upright position with your feet, shoulder-width apart, (1) take a step forward (2) bending at the knee and hip. The trailing leg should be parallel to the ground at the bottom of this movement as you flex at your toes (trailing foot). Hold your position at the bottom of this movement for 1 – 3 seconds and reverse the movement, pushing into the ground with force to return to your upright position.
Try going for 5 sets of 10 reps and including dumbbells will increase the effort required.

Calf Raise:
This exercise will work your Gastrocnemius and Soleus muscles, giving you rock hard lower legs. To do this while on Lockdown, stand with a chair in front of you or stand in a doorway. Holding the pillar of the doorway, (1) with your feet together, (2) raise onto the balls of your feet (tip-toe stance) (3) holding this position for a moment and then returning to resting position. 3 sets – 12 reps, 4th set – as many reps needed to bring on fatigue.

Stair Step-up’s:
Working your Hamstrings, Quads, Glutes and Calves, taking a step up and a step down can be made even more taxing by taking two steps at a time. This exercise looks easy but by maintaining a rhythm for a prolonged time will bring on fatigue sooner than you’d imagine.
Aim for periods of 5 minutes, increasing the time as fatigue takes longer to reach.

After this workout, you should feel challenged and tired, if not, increase the sets as you need to. These times we are in are hard but staying healthy will ensure you come out of this time with legs like tree trunks.
If you enjoyed this workout, share it with family and friends, and for a more tailored routine get in touch with me.

Published by Hanif

Husband and Father helping Men in the U.K. and worldwide get into amazing shape with coaching and lifestyle change underpinned by authentic Islamic knowledge, current fitness techniques and the advancement of modern health discoveries.

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