Keeping Hydrated and Signs of Dehydration

keeping the fluid levels up, especially when its time for an exercise session is something we can all forget to do. Did you know that your body weight is due to somewhere between 50% and 75% water! And did you know that the body can go for weeks without food, but without water, we wouldn’t last but some days?

Water within the body helps digestion by assisting the breakdown of all nutrients, helps to carry nutrients in our blood, helps the kidneys to function normally and removes waste. As well as this, water helps lubricate joints and organs, helps to build and repair the body and regulates the bodies temperature.

Now you should understand just how important water is to our functioning bodies. Some people will think to themselves and say “I don’t have the time to drink a litre or two a day!” But if you break it down throughout the day you’ll find the time. Start in the morning by drinking a cup you’ve had prepared before you went to sleep and so on.

You can get your bodies fill of water from other drinks like milk, juices, can drinks and tea or coffee but the best way is to stick with pure water whenever you can. Juice drinks can be high in natural sugars, the same goes for milk, which may be an issue for men with type 2 Diabetes. Tea can reduce the bodies ability to absorb iron and Coffee can give you the jitters and both increase water loss since they are diuretics so stick to water.

From the following signs, you will know if you are dehydrated and they are:

– Losing water from your body through urination, defecation (diarrhoea), breathing out, vomiting and sweating.

Symptoms include:

–  Feeling thirsty, dark urine, headache, light-headed and reduced energy.

During exercise you should keep cool by taking off layers if possible, drink a good amount of water, rest, replace lost fluids after your session and if you can avoid exercise while dehydrated then kick back and recover.

Weighing in before your exercise session is a good way to monitor water needs. When we exercise the first weight to drop is water weight so if you finish your session minus 2kg, you need to drink 2 litres of water, minus 1kg would mean 1 litre and so on.

We as men sometimes feel unstoppable but becoming dehydrated can really put you out of action so avoid the long climb back to full fitness by staying hydrated. How much your body needs will differ from the next guy so listen to your body and keep a bottle with you whenever you can.For advice from Abu Hafs Hanif (Qualified Fitness and Nutritional Adviser get in contact, just [Email Me].

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