Aspects of living that affect your weight-loss goals +audio

Losing weight isn’t easy for anyone and the extra weight you’re carrying around may be taking its toll on your mind and body in different and negative ways, that’s what I’m here to help you overcome. I’m also on a weight-loss journey and I can relate to men that find it hard to stay focused on a programme of eating – the stress of work and many other factors can affect our desire although we know deep down that weight-loss is necessary.

I want you to be aware of some factors that if altered, you’ll be on your way to losing weight. Weight issues can be down to many different things in a persons life that can be changed so here you’ll find the common ones which are:

Smoking, drinking and drugs
Munchies and the social aspects of drinking and smoking affect the body negatively, increase dependence upon these vices and increase your stress over time. Drinking causes blood glucose levels to rise while nicotine found in smoke (tobacco) suppresses appetite so upon giving up smoking you may find yourself gaining more weight. This shouldn’t stop you from giving these drugs up because your quality of life will be far better upon quitting.

The Eat Well Plate

Diet and lack of exercise
I don’t mean restricting what you eat but rather the nutritional food you consume and their quality. Good quality foods as close to nature as possible (little alterations, additions or subtractions) that have retained their intrinsic nutritional make-up are what you want to be eating. avoid foods that are highly processed and have additives that increase taste, shelve life and so on. Also, increasing your exercise or physical activity levels will help you in keeping the weight off when good nutrition is also in check.

Depression and stress
Mental health, psychological factors and stress-related issues can cause a man to binge eat and/or buy foods that he knows are unhealthy. Food can be a drug and a deadly one if we’re unable to control how we think and feel and how that relates to our food choices. Eating the right mood foods is essential, increasing in foods like Salmon, Nuts & Seeds, Dark Chocolate, Dark Green Leafy Veg and drinking water regularly will all help with stress not forgetting regular exercise.

Socio-economic status
Your financial income level, health and educational level are some aspects of your socio-economic status and where you are said to sit within society generally. To a level, it can be said that if you have low income or little education then you’ll be less likely to have and maintain a healthy lifestyle that sees your weight to be in a healthy space.

Beliefs and values
A value you may have been raised upon is that food is a blessing that shouldn’t be wasted and due to this, throughout your life, whenever you eat you’ll leave nothing on the plate to be eaten. this could be an issue if your portion sizes are too large and the quality of the food you eat is quite low. If this sounds like you an idea would be to bring in smaller plates or eat from one dish as a family which will inevitably make you feel full sooner. also, drink a glass of water before you eat which will also help you feel fuller sooner.

Get a good rest.

Rest and sleep
Too little sleep and not enough rest can have effects upon hormonal balance within your body. the result of this can be weight gain and further issues related to stress. Exercise on a regular basis will help you get better sleep since the exercise you’d have been doing will require from your body a level of rest time to recover from that exercise session.

If you have an issue as it relates to any of the above it may be useful for you to get in touch with me [Message me Here]. A consultation with Hanif can be arranged to help you see where you want to be in weight, health, lifestyle and so on, then hitting those goals consistently. Hanif is a REPs, CIMSPA and Afn Certified Nutritional Adviser and Fitness Instructor, also engaged in further study in the field of Health, Fitness and Nutrition.

Listen to this quick audio note:

Weight-loss Goals and Spending Power advice for the Youth.

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