What to Drink Post-workout

Exercise is taxing on your body as you’re aware. When we exercise our bodies generate a lot of heat and this heat needs to find its way out of us. Our skin is the main way out as sweat. Some Men sweat more than others and this can be due to our overall size (shorter Men are likely to sweat less), our surroundings, humidity and how hard we are actually working out. 

As a foundation, it’s recommended to drink 1 litre for every 1kg of weight loss through exercise. 

When we exercise without adequate hydration blood volume will decrease and your body temperature rises which can affect your heart, lungs and circulatory system. Your heart will have to work harder to pump blood around your body and all this will make the exercise harder. 

Make sure you’re well-hydrated before and during your exercise and once you finish you’ll want to replace lost water and sodium. However, don’t fall into drinking large amounts in one sitting because this can bring on a lot of urination and the risk of hyponatraemia (see my Ramadan Health Guide for more). 

Sports drinks with sodium are also an option other than water. Take Isotonic drinks over hypotonic because they have been shown to benefit performance during moderate to high-intensity events lasting longer than an hour. 

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