Going to the Gym? You’ll need…

Every man is different, has different fitness goals as well as dietary needs so the things you need in your gym bag will also vary to the next man. However, there are a few standard things no gym bag should go without no matter your pursuit in exercise.

Covid-19 is still around but the gyms are now open so I’ve revised this article to include some hygiene essentials to keep you out of the hospital and under the bar.

In no particular order…

Gym Membership: You’ll save yourself a lot of money if you intend to be regular upon exercise if you get yourself a gym card/ membership log-in. You could be involved in Tennis, Football, Martial Arts, Archery, general resistance training and cardiovascular training in a gym. Save more, knowing you will attend.

What you need in your gym bag – the essentials.

Bag: Depending on the activity you may need a big bag or a small bag but what’s an active man if his not passing-by with a bag! Some sports like Cricket have specialised bags that can hold your bat and pads, martial arts participants may have a larger than average rucksack for spare Kimonos and the Gym goer may have as little as a string bag.

Gym Towel: This is a must-have when you’re in a resistance-based gym room or using cardiovascular machines. The amount of sweat machines can be covered in day-by-day can decrease the life of hand grips and so-on. Its unsightly and inconsiderate for the other gym users to use a machine you’ve left sweat all over so bring a towel with you so you can keep the equipment fresh (or use towels provided if possible). 

Wear the right trainers for your fitness goals.

Trainers: Wearing sport/activity specific footwear will give you the added comfort and support you need. These days it’s easy to find footwear for sport so no matter your budget you’ll be sure to find something to suit your needs.

Change of clothes/ t-shirt: After killing it in the gym the last thing you want to do is walk-out feeling and looking soggy. A change of clothes or at least a top will save you a bit of embarrassment. You may also want to spray deodorant and perfume so you don’t smell like death.

Reusable Water bottle: Staying hydrated will help you keep going throughout your activity. However, Magnesium and Sodium levels reduce through sweating and drinking a lot of water could further reduce your levels so think of drinking sports drinks or adding a tablet with electrolytes rather than water alone. This will help your levels get back up and reduce fatigue and/or blackouts.

Bluetooth headphones

Headphones: Bluetooth headphones are ideal for the very active training days that require explosive and ballistic movements but if your the weight-room beast you’d be able to get away with over-ear headphones.

As I said at the beginning one mans gym bag could be totally different to the next mans due to his specific goals. Above are just a few things you may need to check-list before you get to your exercise session. 

Yes, we’re still in Covid-19 territory so don’t forget the following…

Anti-bacterial hand gel: To cut the risk of catching Coronavirus it makes sense to keep a small bottle of hand gel and use it throughout your training session as you move around the gym.

Face mask & Gym gloves: Machine washable masks and gloves make real sense in these times and you can get stylish with them as well. Reduce the chances of catching and/or spreading the coronavirus with these essential gym bag inclusions.

Don’t forget a gym lock!

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Husband and Father helping Men in the U.K. and worldwide get into amazing shape with coaching and lifestyle change underpinned by authentic Islamic knowledge, current fitness techniques and the advancement of modern health discoveries.

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