Every Man needs a Gym Plan

Gym Plans

You may feel comfortable in your skin and not have any worries about your health whether you have an ailment/injury or not but in no man in the should be walking around without a gym plan or schedule in his weekly diary.

A gym plan or exercise/physical activity schedule could be anything from walking an extra 25 to 40 minutes per day, swimming twice a week, going to the athletics track, fitting in a few gym sessions, going to your circuit training group sessions or martial arts classes week to week.

In one of the most technologically advanced and financially strong societies being the United Kingdom, we have a lot of fitness avenues open to us. However, obesity is on the increase and many avoidable illnesses plague us while we generally have the means to avert them.

It’s a common occurrence that when January comes about many people join their local gym with the goal of getting into shape. They have good intentions but don’t take their thinking past “get fit”. What is fit? How will you know you are fit once you get past two months working out regularly?

A schedule of physical activity is a must-have, setting out what you’ll do, for how long, what the future steps will be and so on. This schedule doesn’t have to be gym based as explained above. The key thing is to work your heart, muscles and respiratory system regularly.

A father, son or husband that looks after his health will be encouraging those around him to do the same through his actions. A leader does so through action as well as speech.

If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired get in contact with me, links below, we’ll design a gym plan that meets your specific health and fitness needs. Don’t forget to like this post and find us through our social links.

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