What is a Balanced Lifestyle?

When you think of lifestyle many thoughts come to mind but the basic definition of lifestyle is ‘the way in which a person lives’ meaning what they do throughout their days, interactions and what they engage in.

These days companies do their best to make their products part of popular, trending lifestyles to ensure their business is no one-hit-wonder. Some people would go as far as to say they can even hijack a lifestyle if they can monopolise on the hearts and minds of the buying public, especially the youth.

Leading a healthy lifestyle is the “thing to do” but that has always been the foundation mankind was upon. But as time passes what was a healthy lifestyle can be turned on its’ head, smoking cigarettes being a prime example.

As a Muslim man, leading a balanced and healthy lifestyle can be achieved through seeking knowledge of Allah (our mighty creator), our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his life and teachings as well as the religion of Islam itself.

Some core aspects go into leading a healthy lifestyle and they are:

Diet – Eating but not to the point of being overly full, drinking water, getting your macro and micronutrients in-check, staying away from processed foods (having minimal amounts of trans fats), chewing your food well before taking another bite.

Exercise and Activity – engaging in physical activity on a regular basis if your job does not require you to be very active, finding sports or activities you enjoy to do so you a constant upon them, taking rests away from exercise when fatigued. 

Community and Family – keeping good ties with family and friends, calling them to good and away from evil actions, giving time to the community and those less fortunate (e.g. volunteering or aiding an elderly person or homeless person/giving charity).

Seeking Knowledge – Knowledge of Islam as well as seeking knowledge revolving around the creation (beneficial knowledge i.e. not magic or evil).

Worship – Showing love, hope and fear to Allah (our Lord, creator and provider), using the exercise and food you eat as a tool to help you worship your creator in a better way (in-line with the Qur’an and authentic Sunnah).

Wealth – Not being concerned with amassing wealth but having contentment in what you have. And if you are given more than many others you use it well, aiding others to the point your wealth doesn’t have a hold over your giving hand.

These are my thoughts on a real balanced lifestyle, anything wrong is from myself and Shaytaan and anything correct is by the mercy of Allah. Lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle and by the mercy of Allah (glorified be he) paradise is yours and mine in this life and the next.

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