The difference between Exercise and Physical Activity

Physical activity is a part of everyday life for most people and even with a severe disability it is still possible to engage in physical activity and exercise but what’s the difference between the two?

Exercise is a planned or freestyled series of physical movements, with or without added tension, to elicit the desired effect upon your body. This could be Cardiovascular exercise with the aim of increasing lung capacity or for weight loss or maybe weight-bearing exercises to increase muscle mass, speed and strength.

The NHS Live Well website defines physical activity as ‘movement of the body that uses energy.’ An example of this would be ironing a shirt, taking rubbish outside of your home or cooking food for your family. All of these examples require energy to be expended to complete the tasks, but is this enough to help us in the long run?

Some men believe they have little time for exercise which isn’t the reality for the vast majority of us. Finding the determination and a good programme to work with, at home or elsewhere is all that’s needed. A man may say I do a lot of physical activity through my work and this may be so but does that physical activity due to your occupation work your whole body, cancelling out any bodily imbalances?

Exercise can and should be a planned and controlled process that rectifies and improves your body. Coupled with a good diet (nutrition) you can maintain your health and potentially increase your life expectancy.

My name is Hanif, level 3 nutritional adviser and level 2 fitness instructor. I help men get fitter for the tasks of life and make the dietary choices that will give them energy and longevity. If you find it hard to pick out healthy foods when shopping or struggle to get the shopping home, we offer services such as our weight-loss programme (8 weeks minimum) and exercise programmes that fit your lifestyle and health goals.

Try this home workout circuit:

5 Push-ups

5 Crunches

5 Pull-up’s

30-second Planks

5 Burpees

30-second Static Squats

3 rounds, increase to 4 and 5 as you feel confident.

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