Let Food Be Your Medicine

As a child, I wasn’t easy to feed or should I say I was selective in what I’d happily eat. By the Mercy of Allah (our creator and sustainer), I was born in a time and place where food was easy to come by. Like many children growing up, I didn’t fully comprehend how blessed I was even though my parents would explain how blessed we were, so I’d skip meals and order takeaway when there was food at home if I only walked towards the kitchen.

Today as a Father I go through what my parents went through, explaining that food is medicine for the body. More than just taste and enjoyment, food is a necessity that many people struggle throughout the day, every day, to get a hold of.

If you’ve ever been a smoker, vaper or drinker then you know how the chemicals within these things shoot to the brain and give a feeling of “pleasure”. Food does the same thing! Affecting the body and mind, even the soul and Allah (our creator and sustainer) knows best. It’s easy to think to oneself that an obese person is just greedy, it’s harder for us to look at that obese person and ask them ‘what has brought this situation on?’

Overeating can be due to many factors and most overweight or obese people would gladly shed the pounds if only they knew what to do. Many overweight people have tried to lose weight alone believing they shouldn’t look for help because they got themselves into the situation they are in but there is nothing bad in searching out for the best people to help you when they are masters in that field.

It’s said “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” in business, this translates into weight-loss as well. If you know someone that knows and has studied nutrition, energy balance, exercise and can turn the knowledge into actionable steps, work with them.

Food should be treated as medicine. How I understand this is that you eat in quantities necessary at the correct times and in the correct manner. Overeating is from being unrestrictive with one’s self which is easy to fall into when a person hasn’t been guided away from this.

‘The Old Medicine’ – (8 Week Weight-loss Programme)

If you want food to be your medicine and not your poison then [CLICK HERE] or through my social media accounts. ‘The Old Medicine’ is our 8 WEEK programme that breaks down how to maintain balanced nutrition, lose weight and maintain your health. An exercise plan is also included in the programme so you can get off to a flying start upon your health-conscious lifestyle.

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