Are You Calorie Counting? A Few Reasons That Add Up!

Calories counting

Macros are the fitness geeks abbreviation for Macronutrients. The three we will concern ourselves with are Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats, the fourth macro is Alcohol which we’ll leave off. When we eat we gain energy from our food and these macros are our source of energy since they all have an amount of calories to them. Calorie counting is nothing new and many people will tell you “you don’t need to count” for reasons they probably can’t easily explain but I will explain to you my reasons why it makes sense to count calories for anyone with weight-loss goals that is generally healthy but looking to drop a few pounds.

The weight-loss world is like a big room with staircases leading to many different places, less like the final scene of Scarface and more like an airport. If you go left or right you’ll find someone selling something, pushing something, feel me? It helps to have some basic knowledge of what you’re eating in-order to make informed decisions when it comes to how you’ll lose the desired weight.

When you know how many calories you’ve just eaten and the day has just started you’ll be better placed in the future to pick out foods that taste good and stay inline with your health goals. This will help you attain weight-loss faster over time since you’ll be able to consistently eat in a calorie deficit which should produce your goal of weight-loss over days, weeks and/or months.

Not all food is equal. Protein and Carbs are 4kcal per gram and Fats is at 9kcal per gram. This form of tracking is a bit less stressful than Macro counting. With Calorie counting you can easily keep tabs on what you’ve been eating by taking pictures of nutritional values on packaging and also using apps such as My FitnessPal. Macro tracking takes more time and for the guy with a little bit of weight to lose this may be burdensome.

It’s also important to note that when you can count calories and portion sizes you’ll find your dinner plate take on new forms/size. Calorie counting isn’t much fun but it’s a fast way to weight-loss that doesn’t cost you anything.

If you found this post informative and you learnt something then please share it, like it and bookmark this site so you’ll be the first to catch the latest post. If you’d like help with regards to your fitness training or weight-loss goals just message me [Here]. My name is Hanif of Criterion Fitness and Nutrition, I hope you’ve learnt something you can act upon. Thanks for reading and stay healthy.

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