Sweat 2020 goodbye with this Weekend Circuit Session

Workout Session 2021

What’s a better way to start the new year than to drill a gym session? Here’s a full body workout that will help you set the pace for your new year. Including cardiovascular work this session also switches between upper and lower body movements that will have your heart racing and muscles worked.

My name is Hanif and I run Criterion Fitness and Nutrition, helping Men achieve Health and Fitness goals. If you’ve got goals for sport, diet, weight-loss or gain you can get in-touch with us; thank you for visiting this site and now for what you’ve been waiting for, a new training session to set your year off right, no equipment needed! 

This exercise session is used at your own risk, if you have health conditions that require you to consult your GP please do so before attempting this workout session. I recommend this session to otherwise healthy men with no injuries or illnesses recovering from. Start with light cardio such as marching on the spot for 3 – 5 minutes then begin stretching for a further 5 minutes.

This session is best used in an outdoors setting such as a garden, park or on tarmac (car park area). The full circuit should take you little over 35 – 40 minutes, remember to stay hydrated and wear clothing that’s loose fitting and allows for flexibility through your full range of motion.

Circuit 1:

ExerciseReps/ DurationOther Info
Alt Forward Lunges2 minsBalance with a chair for stability if needed.
Burpees2 mins
Push Ups30 repsBox push up if full push up is difficult.
High Knees2 mins
Planks1 min

2 minute Rest.

Circuit 2:

ExerciseReps/ DurationOther Info
Squat Holds 10 sec holds – 2 min total DurationWall Squat for stability.
Burpees2 mins
Push Ups30 repsBox push up if full push up is difficult.
High Knees2 mins
Crunches1 min

2 minute Rest.

Circuit 3:

ExerciseReps/ DurationOther Info
Side Lunges2 minsHold onto a chair for stability if needed.
Burpees2 mins
Push ups30 repsBox push up if full push up is difficult.
Static Squat30 sec holds – 2 mins total duration10 sec break between reps maximum.
Flutter Kicks1 minNo stopping for 60 seconds

2 minute Rest.

Run through this whole session once or twice. I hope you find it to be challenging and beneficial to your goals whatever they may be. We’ve come into a new year which is a blessing, yes last year was hard but we should all aim to be prepared for such hardship as much as possible. Eating foods that promote good health, regular exercise, good sleeping patterns, keeping good social networks that remind us of our purpose and so on, these are the things that will help us live longer, better and happier lives.

If you enjoyed this exercise session and beat the 30-minute clock well done. Get in touch with me and I will design your bespoke exercise programme with your help. Designed to your needs, lifestyle and goals, our efforts will see you going from strength to strength so message us [Here].

Published by Hanif

Husband and Father helping Men in the U.K. and worldwide get into amazing shape with coaching and lifestyle change underpinned by authentic Islamic knowledge, current fitness techniques and the advancement of modern health discoveries.

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