There’s No Medicine Like The Old Medicine

‘The Old Medicine’ – (8 Week Weight-loss Programme)

The way we live today is very different to how things once were, technology has increased efficiency but also increased distractions, this is the life we live. As a Man, Son, Husband and/or Father with health and fitness concerns the first thing you may call for is the laptop and google your way to solve your health issues. But online searching will come up with truth, falsehood and everything in between so what should you do?

My name is Hanif and I’m a Nutritional and Fitness Coach to men like yourself, trying to get your health where it needs to be and enjoy the life you have. I’ve been training in this industry since 2017 and stay on top of the changing fitness climate as best as I can through continuous education and research – so you don’t have to yourself.

I’d like to introduce you to my weight-loss programme ‘The Old Medicine’ which can help you to lose 8-16lbs in the next 2 months. Designed to educate and inspire you to take control of your weight and fitness levels this programme also includes a bespoke fitness programme that will challenge you and help you achieve your goals.

Learn about:

  • Macronutrients
  • Calories
  • Reading Food Labels
  • The Benefits of Regular Exercise
  • Steps To Manage Eating Out
  • Much More.

‘The Old Medicine’ has always been physical activity and good, clean and healthy food. That doesn’t mean you have to abandon the food you love and enjoy. The ways of the past still fit into our world of technological advancements and need to be a part of all of our lives if we really way to live long and happy lives. If you’d like more information on our 8 week programme please contact us [Here].

Published by Hanif (Abu Hafs)

Fitness and Nutritional Advisor, Husband and Father, helping Men of all sizes and goals achieve great things.

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