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Most men care about their appearance which is important, especially our inner appearance when it comes to the state of the heart but I want you to think more about your aesthetic appearance for a moment. Home gym training is the order of the day for many of us in the UK as we battle through Lockdown. In this article, we will touch on why working out using your own programme is the way to go. 

My name is Hanif and I own Criterion Fitness and Nutrition, helping Men, Son’s, Fathers and Brothers get their fitness, nutrition and general health status where they want it. Using methods that work, I can help you get back to fit but let’s get into this gym plan topic.

Care for self is very important and shows our gratitude for the bodies we’ve been blessed with and from that care is a level of regular exercise and physical activity. What form of exercise we choose is subjective to each individual and as such it makes sense that if you are looking for a gym or home gym workout routine it’s better to have a programme designed specifically to your needs, goals and aspirations.

Just google ‘Men’s Home Exercise Routine’ and you’ll find an abundance of exercise ideas, plans and methods to choose from. But this abundance of content isn’t good for everyone, especially the beginner exerciser. If you’re a seasoned veteran of exercise you’ll be able to kick apart exercise routines you find online and integrate them into your programme to add variety whether you’re in the gym or at home but for the new lifter (no matter your age) it is best to have a tailor-made exercise routine.

Employing a Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor to design your fitness routine is more than just a piece of paper or file on your mobile phone. An instructor will discuss with you what your goals for training are, how long it could take to reach your goal, how any health matters may affect your training and attaining your goals and the various methods you can employ to maintain your desired health and fitness status safely. Using exercise routines that you find here and there won’t (Allahu Alem) meet your individual needs since such a plan was designed as a general fitness guide and not tailored to you. A plan designed for you can easily be progressed to keep the challenge up.

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In these times where gym training isn’t an option, all we can do is utilise the equipment at home. With limited equipment, a PT or Instructor can devise a plan that meets your needs and will help you in maintaining good health, inner and outer. Working from home has its time and exercise should also have its time in all of our lives.

If you need help to get your fitness status to where it needs to be, if you’re in need of a home gym plan that is unique to you and your goals, get in contact with me through any of my social links including Instagram, Twitter, eMail and more. After a free consultation I can design a bespoke fitness routine for you that also includes priority access to me for a further 12 weeks to help you to reach your goals. Click the image below to learn more.

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Husband and Father helping Men in the U.K. and worldwide get into amazing shape with coaching and lifestyle change underpinned by authentic Islamic knowledge, current fitness techniques and the advancement of modern health discoveries.

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