You’re FREE to eat whatever you want!

Eat what you want but…

Why do you eat what you eat? Is it because you’ve been raised by parents eating a specific food, do you eat as you do because it’s socially acceptable, is it because your money stretches that bit further than most and you have a taste for the takeaway food daily?

It’s important that you know what guides your food choices since that knowledge will give you a better handle on how to deal with urges and times you’re alone with trigger foods. The reality is if you want to lose weight, eating junk won’t overly help that goal. You have a choice! Yes, you have the choice to eat whatever you want, from the most expensive to the cheapest.

Do you want to be free or do you want to be balanced? Pick your road because if you want to be free and reach your set weight-loss goals you can, but it will take hard work and sweat. A balanced approach is you coming to a point of conquering your desires, learning about and trying new foods, drinking a lot of water (smoothies and juicing included) and adapting to your new lifestyle.

Your body needs exercise just like it needs food. Exercise keeps your motor running, eating the right foods keeps it moving for longer. You wouldn’t buy a Porche 911 and feed it palm oil and expect it to perform, likewise, you wouldn’t eat a box of Krispy Kreme in the morning and expect to be able to run a 10k race with no prior training.

The choice is, learn and adapt or remain unchanged. But your limbs will change whether by your choice or not. 

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Published by Hanif (Abu Hafs)

Fitness and Nutritional Advisor, Husband and Father, helping Men of all sizes and goals achieve great things.

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