Why You Should Join a Gym This April

Old gym interior with equipment

If you know anyone that regularly attends a gym you’ve probably noticed them as not being their usual self, maybe a bit withdrawn and emotional in ways you’re not used to seeing. The UK lockdown3.0 as some have called it has brought distress to many people and turned life on its head but nothing lasts forever in this life and so it’s important to look at any and every positive experience you find through these tough times and appreciate them. 

Regular exercise and balanced diets have been compromised for many men but as you may have learnt in the news, Gym’s will be allowed to reopen from the 12th April 2021. In this post, we will look at some of the benefits of joining a gym once they reopen and how you can get started with your fitness training to reach your health goals.

Focus mode & time for yourself

Our days are filled with task after task, going to the gym helps to declutter your mind and focus on your health rather than everyone and everything else. If you don’t like music bring your headphones and phone while you zone out and hit some PB’s. 

24 hrs to Suit your Lifestyle

Budget gyms often offer around the clock access which is great for self-conscious men with determination to reach their health and fitness goals. Maybe you work and couldn’t find the time to workout before, 24hr gyms are ideal for you. 

Community & Friendships

Life can be lonely, even when you live in a big city. Gym’s are great places to build friendships and learn about the diverse communities around you. Gyms are places for everyone so don’t exclude yourself due to fears of not fitting in.

Get into the Shape you Desire

To get into shape is the number one reason men go to the gym although there are untold numbers of reasons. Staying how to use your one cardio machine is unlikely to get you your results,if it was the way to gains you’d already be at your goal. Join a local gym and set a schedule for your attendance.

Expert Personal Trainers

Whats a gym without a PT? You’ll likely find well versed and experienced personal trainers in your local area that will know exactly how to help you make those lifestyle changes for a better you.

Specialised Equipment

As I said before, using your one cardio machine at home won’t cut it. Gym’s charge what they do because they have to recoup the money they spend on equipment and staff. All the equipment in the gym is at your disposal, make the most of it.

I’m sure there are many more benefits to joining a gym and come April 12th I hope you’ll be walking through your local gym doors. It’s important you have a gym programme to work to and you’ve also been shown how to use the exercise equipment by an Instructor or Personal Trainer to avoid injuries. Gym programmes are a bespoke offering you can get from us at CriterionFit, hit this link [HERE] to find out more.

BONUS Tips every new Gym goer should know:

  • You’ll achieve your goals faster if you get help sooner
  • Start light and increase weight as you gain experience
  • What you eat is as important as the training you do
  • Believe you can achieve your goals
  • Exercise benefits your mind and motivation
  • Training is hard and painful at times
  • You need a plan and support to get the full benefits
  • Training is life long and your goal won’t be achieved overnight

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