The Benefits of Exercise from Ramadan Health Guide

Ramadan Health Guide by Hanif of Criterion Fit

The Concise Oxford Dictionary says exercise to be: 

Activity requiring physical effort, done especially as training or to sustain or improve health.

With this definition we see that exercise can be many things, things we enjoy and things we have never even related to improving our health. 

Exercising regularly can help reduce stress and anxiety, aiding better sleep and releasing endorphins in the brain which is believed to increase happy moods. We can also reduce body weight and overall fat percentage, increase stamina, reduce overall blood pressure, gain a better body posture through strengthened muscles, increase muscle size and strength and the list goes on. 

I highly recommend to the men I work with regarding weight management that they engage in activity they enjoy and better yet, love to do. This will increase their chances of sticking at it when it gets hard or time doesn’t seem to be on their side. Make a list of activities you have done in your life that were physical and you enjoyed even if you must think back to primary or secondary school. This is a matter of your health, the biggest blessing to us all after being guided to Islam.

This was an excerpt from “Ramdan Health Guide,”  authored by myself Abu Hafs Hanif of To download this helpful guide book [CLICK HERE].

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Husband and Father helping Men in the U.K. and worldwide get into amazing shape with coaching and lifestyle change underpinned by authentic Islamic knowledge, current fitness techniques and the advancement of modern health discoveries.

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