Take Your Pick: The Reality of Positive Energy Balance

Too many Calories that build up, not being expended by exercise or physical activity cause an increase in body weight. The more you eat without burning off those calories the heavier you will become. This principle is known as energy balance or part of it anyway.

Food stores energy, as do many drinks. If you eat the “healthy” food such as salads, fruit and have balanced macros for your goals, you’ll be on the way to a health status and aesthetic look you’re looking for. However, if you eat “junk food” on a regular basis in amounts your body can’t dispose of the aesthetic looks won’t show and you could find yourself open to other health problems.

Some men think they can outrun a bad diet, I myself have thought this way in the past but it doesn’t work like that. Yes you can eat the treats you like while on the “Old Medicine” weight-loss programme but it’s important you come prepared for adaptation to your diet. You have to make the decision, is it “fun times” or a “long time?”

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