Self-discipline over Motivation

Small steps lead to great places

I’ve never looked at myself as the most disciplined Man, especially when I was a youth. As a result of finding Islam and submitting to Allah (Glorified be He) as a Muslim, I’ve matured. Becoming a husband and father have also brought about growth in me. I take my health seriously now because I have a family depending on me. If I can’t serve those I love then I’d be holding them back so I keep grinding in anticipation for a door to open. You may be able to relate to this. You’re putting the work in for the loved ones, trying to do good for your community and society in general but things aren’t clicking as you’d like.

Self-discipline is your ability to control your habits and choices which can take some training. When it comes to your health you have to get past being motivated and drive into self-discipline because they are two different breeds of Beast. Motivation is what causes a person to want to repeat a behaviour and in this case, we’ll use exercise. So, you watch a video online and get motivated, great, but how many times will you watch that video and get motivated? It won’t take long until you’ve memorised the audio and no longer feel moved by what you viewed. 

Self-discipline on the other hand is being self-motivated and dedicated to the goal you want to achieve. With this self-discipline you can get yourself up at 5 am to go workout while the rest of the world is sleeping, you find more blessings in your time because you’re using time well, you’ll find more happiness in yourself and the things you do and you’ll feel super productive. All of this coming about by you looking to yourself for motivation with the knowledge that your goals won’t be achieved unless you get to work. 

You need to be knowledgeable about yourself, your weaknesses and what to do when you feel tempted to fall into old ways, you need to set solid SMART goals and reaffirm those goals regularly as well as introducing habits that are positive and help you reach your goals.

In my view and in yours I hope, you now see that self-discipline is the way to a happier and healthier self. Motivation goes up and down but by knowing your strengths and weaknesses you can stay disciplined and reach your goals whether you have slipped or not.

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