Eat, Enjoy and Lose Weight

The Choice Is For You

When we think about losing weight the first port of call is often to ban foods we enjoy no matter what they are. It makes sense to restrict our diet a bit because keeping things the same will only garner more of the same. But the method of food restriction is very important and we’ll be looking into that in this post.

Thank you for checking into Criterion Fit! My name is Hanif and I’m a level 2 fitness instructor and level 3 nutrition course. I help men lose weight, learn about leading a healthy lifestyle that includes good food and regular exercise. I’ve been in the fitness industry for the last five years and continue to learn about fitness and nutrition because things are constantly changing. If you’d like help from me to help you with your goals leave me a message via the link at the bottom of this page or through my social networks.

Food is our source of energy for survival, it’s an added bonus and blessing from our creator that foods are so varying, nutritious and tasty. Some foods are arguably too tasty which can lead a man to overeat, eat and eat even more. We need to come to the realisation that there is an issue with the way we are eating – maybe it’s our frequency or food types or a combination of both. When we accept the issue we can take steps to change things.

Enjoy Your Food With Knowledge

When the journey of healthy eating comes to mind you may see black clouds overhead – vegetables and water doesn’t have to be the one and only pick of the day but you will likely need to find a taste for such foods due to their nutritional makeup. Many people are malnourished in the west, not due to sparsity of food but rather due to poor food choices that end up in a poor balance of macro and micronutrients. Discovering new foods is fun and beneficial to your health and there should always be space for the foods you enjoy eating!

Enjoying your food isn’t a bad thing and eating the food you enjoy shouldn’t have to come to an end due to joining a healthy lifestyle/ fitness programme. We at Criterion Fit help our clients learn and make informed decisions around food and exercise. True knowledge and action bring about power and happiness when it comes to a true fitness lifestyle. You may have been raised by your parents to have a certain view of food, you may need to rethink or unlearn habits, however, “The Old Medicine” programme isn’t here to take away your enjoyment of food.

Finding New Food Is Fun!

You can lose weight while eating the foods you enjoy but to make changes in life we need solid plans that are realistic and achievable. I enjoy eating Pizza and Burgers like many men do but to meet my goal weight I need to be cautious as to how much of these foods I eat each week. You may currently eat out 2 – 3 times per week or more, this may need to be revised down or maybe the food choices you make upon eating out need to be revised. Yes, you can lose weight while eating out but to do this you need to know much more about the food choices you’ve been making.

Enjoying your food is a mercy from our creator. He has given us so much choice, it’s up to us to show gratitude with remembrance and restraint with how we eat. The Eat Well Guide has a food plate that shows how an ideal plate of food should look. This is a great starting place for anyone looking for ways to manage and control how they eat based upon knowledge. Losing weight for overweight and obese men can greatly enhance your quality of life, help you avoid many illnesses and help your self-esteem.

If our 8-week programme sounds interesting to you or you’d like to learn more about it check out our programme [Here]. If you have any questions or corrections for me please do message me [Here] – anything of truth I’ve said is from Allah azza wa jal and any false speech is from myself and Shaytaan. 

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Eat Well Guide Plate [Here]

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Husband and Father helping Men in the U.K. and worldwide get into amazing shape with coaching and lifestyle change underpinned by authentic Islamic knowledge, current fitness techniques and the advancement of modern health discoveries.

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