Road to PT’ing: Certified Kettlebell Trainer

Strength with Kettlebells

Nothing worth having comes easy and that’s real talk. I’m a step closer to completing my Personal Training course after being certified as a kettlebell trainer. The training sessions brought to mind the reasons why I got into training in the gym. I felt in the zone training and pushing myself to learn new skills. Helping people is something I enjoy doing as long as the ends and means are good. Writing gym/home gym plans is my way of helping my local community and connecting with clients around the world.

I met a group of great people striving to better themselves and achieve personal goals and that’s what the fitness world should be about. The days were long and sweaty but I enjoyed myself and came out with a certification that means I can train YOU with the use of kettlebells, utilising a number of techniques and exercises to meet your fitness goals. 

I’m working on an ebook entitled ‘Strength with Kettlebells’ and I have also devised an introductory kettlebell training programme lasting 4 weeks. Each week will bring about new exercises for clients to attempt and master, we also discuss topics around kettlebell training including its history.

Knowing what I know today after completing the training I could only recommend kettlebells as the one piece of fitness equipment all men should own. I’d also recommend them to the youth starting out training because you can use them for weight loss goals and strength/muscle size goals.

Many of my clients prefer to train at home to avoid the testing scenes of the local gym. The convenience of kettlebells in that they take up little space which is a plus. To increase the difficulty of using kettlebells you need only increase time under tension, increasing the eccentric phase of your lift and there are many more possibilities and ways to incorporate kettlebells into your training sessions.

Our kettlebell training programme will be offered as face-2-face (London only) or online sessions. If you’re stuck for space and want to train at home or you want to learn some new strength training skills to mix into your programme we can help you at prices that don’t break the bank or your posterior chain.

[CLICK HERE] for more details on our introductory kettlebell training programme.

Published by Hanif

Husband and Father helping Men in the U.K. and worldwide get into amazing shape with coaching and lifestyle change underpinned by authentic Islamic knowledge, current fitness techniques and the advancement of modern health discoveries.

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