Road to Black Belt: Acknowledging Wins

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art I started training in because I understand that a man should know how to defend himself, his family and the community in which he lives in from people upon evil. When I started my gym training it was all about feeling better, reducing stress and getting stronger while learning something new. BJJ is a different kind of learning to the strength training gym environment. I recommend both forms of training because of the growth achieved through both pursuits however different they may seem.

When it comes to BJJ it’s important to constantly reign in your ego because you’ll get checked by men smaller than you and bigger than you. The gentle art is ever growing in the UK and world-wide and by the decree of Allah ta’ala a BJJ gym has opened up in South West London, Grapplers Den. I’ve been rolling with the GD team over the last 4 or 5 years inconsistently but more recently I’ve gotten into a rhythm and have been awarded my first stripes on my White belt.

Getting a stripe was a major win for me which I’m grateful for and I hope that this post will encourage you to go hard and achieve what you’ve been working at. Giving up on something is the best course of action in things that aren’t beneficial – we’d all agree on that. When we’re talking about something that is a skill, an art or an experience like BJJ we have to decide on if the benefit outweighs the harm. Yes in BJJ you get bashed about, wounded, pride shutdown but if you manage to pluck up the courage to return you’ve got grit and determination. That being the case, after your session you should acknowledge your win.

Defending those in need is honourable, working with your hands is honourable, patience and perseverance in good are also the same – honourable. As a muslim it is important that one gains an understanding of their religion, yes, but its also important for a man to be a man and be able to defend those in need. When I roll I’ve met young and old men that realise the importance of strength and maintaining good health. Before BJJ I was all about training for health which is good. Today added to my desire for good health is the power to work when needed. In Islam we define wisdom as doing ‘the right thing at the right time.’ If I have no strength then I’ll not be able to act when needed in a physical way.

If you started this year with the desire to get active but that day is yet to arrive don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you’ve only managed a couple of training sessions but have all the fitness clothing you need don’t hesitate to get in touch. We all start our fitness journey from different places and that’s fine, we all have our own stories and struggles. I’d like to hear your story and work with you to the point you can acknowledge your wins, big or small they all add up!

Thanks to Professor Javid and Assistant Coach Yahya for acknowledging my efforts over the time I’ve been rolling with more consistency. As I said, we all have a fitness journey and struggles, I’m not perfect, I’m practising, I make mistakes but the more we work the better we get. Get active!

Hit the contact button – top right! We can discuss your fitness goals and help you achieve great things this year and every year bi’ithnillah.

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