Beauty And The Beast In The Making

There’s nothing wrong with a man taking care of his looks, I hope we can all agree with that as men. Just like you’d expect your wife to beautify herself for you, likewise, a man should do those things that make his wife pleased to call him her husband. A man should aim to dress well and smell amazing with good manners and a strong frame that can handle any given situation.

Being a ”Gym Beast, Rat, Monster, Shark” or however you put it doesn’t mean you have to be a Gym ****head. It means you kill the weight’s the cardio machines, the suspension training setup, the pull-up bar and on and on. You motivate the other gym users to push harder and hit those goals they’re chasing.

If this is your first time on this site thanks for you time. My name is Hanif and I’m a student of Personal Training and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu from London. I design gym programmes and offer advice on weight management as well as sport nutrition consultations.

For some time I’ve been using this gym programme (‘He’s a Monster’) myself and I’m pleased and confident enough in the design to share it with you. A 3 day split that works your upper body and your legs, if you’re relatively new to gym training or have had a couple of years experience this programme will be very useful. You can always double it up to have a 6 day plan with one rest day. I’d recommend new gym users to train 1-day on 1-day off.

You’ll find taxing and testing reps and sets as well as tempo’s that will shock your system into growth mode. If you have weight increase goals (muscle mass) I’d be happy to talk to you and discuss how we can work together to help you bulk up while using this programme or a bespoke plan designed to your needs.

Let your wife or future wife be proud of what a good man you are, strong and brave. Physical strength is always worth having in your catalogue of skills, abilities and attributes. This eBook is short and easy to understand in a no fluff layout that will get you the results you want when used regularly.

You’re the beast, the monster. You’re also the answer to the needs of your community with care and concern for others, a real man in a time where real men are harder to come by than small helium canisters in the street. Being a monster means you were built different not built less capable so keep beastin’ and download your copy [Here] for £3 – our early bird offer.

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