Road to PT’ing: Certified Suspension Trainer

Suspension Training pushing you to the limit with your own weight.

Over the past weekend I completed my Suspension Training course and it was an eye opener for me. I’m not a finished article when it comes to fitness; many fitness trainers and personal trainers feel the pressure to perform and show just how capable, strong, fast and good looking they are. I hope I don’t fall into the trap of trying to please the people while neglecting areas of my life that are in need of attention.

Suspension Trainers are convenient, compact and great for the man that wants to get his fitness training sessions in at home or in the office. Connecting the system to a closed door and frame, the harness sits tight and securely. Using your own bodyweight and adjusting your positioning as it relates to the harness will increase or decrease the ease of the exercise you undertake.   

Being able to use your own bodyweight during exercise is a great way to train and work on your balance, coordination and strength to some degree. The system was created by Randy Hetrick, a businessman and former Navy Seal which should go to show how useful this style of training can be when you have limited equipment but a desire to work on your health and fitness.

Coupling this training with the use of kettlebells will garner you a lot of rewards in your physique, cardiovascular health and your mental health because the two together will push you to your limits. If you would like to learn more about Suspension Training and would like me to coach you at home or work, get in touch with me to discuss your goals.

Criterion Fit – we have various digital products and services to help men like you reach and attain the levels of fitness they so badly desire. Health is a great blessing many only start to appreciate after illness sets in so avoid getting hit unexpectedly and join us to get into the best shape of your life so far.

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