Keys to Cool Part 2: Kettlebell Workout Session

Kettlebell Training with

You want to cool the fire rushing through your body. It’s been a long day in the big city, the last thing you’re thinking of is running on the treadmill for an hour, smoking and drinking is out the window, a cup of coffee will only have you awake for hours and you have more headache to look forward to at work tomorrow. Does this sound familiar? If yes, you’ll look really cool and you’ll really cool down after this spine chilling Kettlebell session brought to you by yours truly.

A Kettlebell, as I’ve previously said, is the one piece gym that every man should have access to at home. This workout is a slice of the pie – if you want more like this then look out for me eBook ‘Strength with Kettlebells’ coming soon God willing. 

Exercise as a way to quell frustration and anger has many benefits such as giving you more drive and desire to get in a top workout, expending calories if weight-loss is also a goal, expending energy that will likely encourage better sleep and ultimately you’ll reshape your body and increase good health.

After your session of training, if you’re still in a mood take some time to pray extra salawat and remember the creator that has given you this test. A time for reflection is important to see where we are going in life and what needs to change and so on. Eating food free of sugars and artificial additives is also a good idea. Try stretching after your training session, having a bath with Epsom Salt and then get an early night of sleep. When all of these steps are acted upon regularly you’ll find a lift in your mood God willing.

If this session has you sweating as I know it should and you want more of the high you get from this training style get in-touch and we can arrange regular online training sessions, just click [Here] for more information. My name is Abu Hafs Hanif of – the goal is to bring balance and good health to all men with an emphasis upon men with health conditions including obesity and mental ill health as well as the Black and Asian communities, of all ages. 

It just so happens to be Mental Health awareness day, if you’re going through a hard time as a man and you want to let out some fire do so in a measured way. Living is a great blessing that we will all likely only fully realise upon reaching the grave. Talk to a well learned doctor of the heart – a Scholar or Student of Knowledge. The heart is the King of the body, medication only does the job of suppressing the issue, a learned person can prescribe the actual steps that will revive your health, for those who reflect.

Here is the workout of your life! An hour of burn and a good night’s sleep, almost 100% guaranteed. Tell me what you think with a comment on Instagram or Twitter, thanks for your time and live long and strong.

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Husband and Father helping Men in the U.K. and worldwide get into amazing shape with coaching and lifestyle change underpinned by authentic Islamic knowledge, current fitness techniques and the advancement of modern health discoveries.

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