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Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is a grappling art that has its origins in Japan. The evolution of the art is witnessed around the world and the community of BJJ practitioners is growing fast, even celebrities such as Russell Brand and Keanu Reeves have taken to the mat to learn the ground game art.

If you’re involved in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, been rolling for a few months it makes sense to start documenting your time on the mat with a journal. I’m big on writing as you may have noticed especially when it comes to charting progress and planning what comes next.

BJJ is a hard beast to control and due to this many men will end their journey without gaining a Blackbelt. The goal shouldn’t be to gain belts alone, the ability to defend against an attack, growing in confidence, learning humility are all aspects you can achieve through regular BJJ training.

Many journals focus on documenting techniques which is great if you still understand what was written 5 years down the line. For me, keeping a BJJ journal is about documenting the journey from Whitebelt (where I am now) to Blackbelt (where I wish to be one day).

Road to Blackbelt BJJ Journal – Cover

I’ve drawn up the perfect book for you to pick-up called ‘Road to Blackbelt BJJ Journal’ available on the amazon website. The key focus of this journal is to give you space to reflect upon your training sessions, to figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are, what you can do to improve your fighting and how you felt during each session. There’s space to write down quotes and the key techniques of the session as well as the goals you have for the day’s session such as ‘get 3 kimura locks today.’

Your BJJ needs to be treated with care if you intend to stay in the game long-term. To increase your ability to weather the storms that will come you’ll need to reflect upon the past at times in order to see what the future may bring of good. To get your copy of this 150 page journal click [Here].

I wish you all the success on your BJJ journey, train smart and drill hard. Hit the menu link entitled BJJ Journal to purchase your copy today!

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