Dad Can’t Run!

Let me cut to the chase and not waste any of your precious time that you value so much. I mean, you have a football game to watch, your work colleague leant you a magazine on how to do something technical and cutting edge with your new phone, what’s more important than that??

If you think back to your youth, what were the exercises, games and sports you enjoyed most? Maybe you weren’t the most sporting child in school but if you had to pick an activity to get your blood racing what would it be?

I’m getting to the end of my youth and as a husband and father I’m learning the importance of time and how a few quality moments with your family each day can blossom into happy, confident and healthy faces. Health and fitness is a part of my life and day-by-day it becomes a part of my family’s existence too. Just today my eldest child wrote a letter to me requesting for us to read a nutritional book from their kids collection.

Fitness and health is the realm of the youthful and those working to maintain their youth, stamina and good health on a general level. It’s a good thing that many people in the UK and worldwide are taking their health more seriously whether they’re worried about Covid19, the Flu or any other foreign body that may find its way into their bodily system or not.

Maybe you’ve not reached the prime of your youth yet, like the some of my fitness clients. If that’s the case you’re on point and early by reading this post because here is what I want to get at! As we age our desire for looking good decreases and we can tell ourselves all the reasons why we can’t do things. Over years of binge eating and extra hours sitting down we come to a realisation that we’ve let our once good health escape us.

If you’re a father reading this, you work in an office and you eat out or order food a few times a week pay attention! The greatest wealth you have is your health and if your children talk amongst themselves saying ‘Dad can’t run!’ You have some working-out to do. There are men of all ages getting into the best shape of their lives and there is no one physique type that shows good health. Your ‘’healthy’’ doesn’t have to be the same as anyone else’s, just get back on the horse, get training and live better than people thought you could. 

The exercises and/or sports you engaged in as a youth may be the perfect way to get back your fitness feet. Family time spent in physical activity isn’t time wasted. You’ll build bonds and learn about your family from another angle. Women nurture the future generations and Men have the job of guiding, protecting and providing for the youth. That means one needs to have knowledge (deen and dunya), strength and skills that will sustain his family. 

You’ve got goals, you’re tired of mockery and you’re ready to act. Criterion Fit are ready to help you in your goals so get in contact with us! When you live right your family will follow and society will also benefit. The time for change is now, we look forward to working with you.

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