3 Things Wealthy People Do To Lose Weight

You can achieve your weight loss goals with these keys

Wealth as we understand from a Muslim perspective is to have reliance upon Allah ta’ala and not to yearn for what other people have (paraphrased from the words of Abu Hazim rahimullah). We won’t be going into the vast meanings of wealth since I’m not a Student of Knowledge or Scholar to explain this. However, when it comes to the worldly affair of health, fitness and nutrition I can share with you the little that I’ve gained on my road as a Fitness Lifestyle Coach

Hello, my name is Hanif and I own CriterionFit.com helping Men in the UK and worldwide move better, feel better and live better lives. I’m a certified Gym Instructor and Nutritional Coach working online providing services and digital products that will help you on your way to optimum health.

Wealthy (monetarily) Men and Women know the following three keys to good health. I’m sure you know these keys too but it’s the implementation of these keys that unlocks a healthy lifestyle and ultimately a healthy body and weight loss is included.

Have you ever gone a day without food? I’m guessing the answer is yes! If you repeat that process on a regular basis, in a controlled way, you’ll lose weight. Yes, you will lose muscle too if you take the process to an extreme but fasting (leaving off food for a prolonged duration) will see you lose weight.

It’s all the rage some would say; go online to blogs, social media sites and news articles and they all have their hands in the pot of intermittent fasting. It’s nothing new, fasting has been a part of human history for a long time but when celebrities and health-conscious money makers see a good thing the world starts to take notice.

For Muslim Men fasting may be a little easier than non-Muslim Men since we have Ramadan which is a month of fasting but easy or not, fasting is well worth getting into. Start with water fasts (drink water only that day until dinner) then increase the fasting duration in hours. It’s still very important to eat food. Don’t start fasting and give up food altogether, that’s not the goal and if you have a medical condition please consult your GP before fasting.

Fasting leads us to eating. When you next go shopping think ‘Clean Eating.’ When we say clean eating we don’t mean clean the food before you eat although that helps, the term refers to foods as close to nature as possible, not necessarily organic but that would be the best choice on offer.

Avoid Processed Food

Processed food and overconsumption thereof contribute to many of modern societies health issues including heart disease, obesity, inflammation and so on. Eating foods that have been through little to no processing before they reach your dinner table will increase the number of healthy nutrients locked into that food. When we consume in this raw fashion we’ll also stay away from snacks that provide little to no nutritional benefit.

Drinking water instead of fizzy drinks, eating an Apple for a lunch snack rather than a packet of Crisps etc all help to lower your calorie count which will equate to higher weight loss week-to-week. This is something the wealthy do that Men like you and I are only just catching onto.

The final turn of the key belongs to exercise. You knew it was coming and it had to be stated because the wealthy spend a lot of money on physical activity while the rest of us are on Netflix and chill mode, Twitching off the Nootropic drinks and control pad. 

Exercise for weight loss can take so many forms so it’s up to you to look into the form of physical activity that suits your lifestyle and time availability but I do recommend a balanced mix between cardiovascular exercise such as running and resistance training such as suspension training, kettlebells and other weight-bearing exercises.

Regular exercise is good for heart health, increasing the balance within your body (many of us have imbalances due to sitting at desks etc) and even getting a better quality of sleep as well as reducing stress. The benefits of exercise can only truly be experienced through regular activity so set the start date, get your clothes ready and get active.

I hope you’ll take these keys to weight-loss success and never turn back. Health and fitness, fitness lifestyle, they are the right of all Men and Women no matter the age. It doesn’t matter your financial report or the car you drive, what matters is your appreciation for the life you’ve been given and the body you’ve been blessed with. Only you can turn things around! When you work hard to shift the weight that has been holding you back you’ll feel more responsibility and desire to maintain what you’ve achieved. The clock doesn’t stop until your last breath so get the keys out and live long.

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Published by Hanif

Husband and Father helping Men in the U.K. and worldwide get into amazing shape with coaching and lifestyle change underpinned by authentic Islamic knowledge, current fitness techniques and the advancement of modern health discoveries.

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