Kettlebell Training for Mental Illness


Kettlebell Training is the perfect way to calm mental ill-health and get life back on track.

Even long before the emergence of Covid19, there’s been a major issue in the mental health of our youth in this country. Not only the youth but men and women of all ages have been experiencing depression and many other illnesses that come under the mental health umbrella. The stability of homes and domestic abuse, drug use and the programming of minds through social and traditional media have in part caused the situation of mental imbalance within society. You’ll likely have friends and/or family members that have had to gather the strength and determination to overcome mental ill-health. The economic cost of Mental ill-health in 2020 was estimated to be in the region of £105 billion each year which is money that could be put into better health services if health, nutrition and fitness were generally given more of a role and appreciation in society. What we put into our bodies determines to a great degree our level of health and standing within society, eat well be well.

There are many ways people, men in particular go about battling mental ill-health. Some of the options open to you my dear reader are:

  • Deny the issue
  • Take drugs and intoxicants to numb the pain
  • Take prescription medications that seem to have no end
  • Talk to those people you trust and build a healthy network
  • Exercise on a regular basis
  • Gain control over the food you eat
  • Join a fitness or sports club

Exercise can really have a remarkable effect on your mental health, I’m not just talking to waste your time. You’ll probably know this all too well already, the times you’ve gone for a run around your local park and gotten exceptionally good sleep the same night or taking the stair up to your level of the estate block due to faulty lifts and noticing how toned your legs are getting and better breathing! The benefits of regular exercise (physical activity) cannot be denied.

I know firsthand just how bad times can be for a man with mental health issues. You can feel isolated, misunderstood, scared and hopeless all at the same time but no one can get you out of the situation you’re in unless you make positive steps toward change. That may mean giving up alcohol, building a new network of friends, working on unstable relationships, spending money on new foods that benefit mental health, buying new clothes and equipment for your fitness lifestyle and yes getting yourself some Kettlebells.

At CriterionFit we help clients utilise the gym equipment of kings; kettlebells, the one-piece gym that gives you a true workout when used in the correct way! We will take an inexperienced man and over a period of time coach him into being a perficient kettlebell user with a number of movements mastered to perfection. We love Kettlebells because they are inexpensive, convenient to keep at home, aid strength training goals and can be used as a way of losing weight. Above all, they offer a fun way to train and get regular exercise in, be it in a gym or at home if the gym environment isn’t your scene.

We conduct weekly one-2-one online kettlebell sessions with flexible times to suit your lifestyle and training goals. We design personal sessions that will aid you in achieving your fitness goals and changing your lifestyle and mental outlook. With the lived experience of mental illness, I can relate to your struggles and as a man that’s increased further. If you have a group of friends that would also like to train alongside you we can arrange group training.

We at Criterion Fit take our clients to be athletes and as such, they need to eat well. We have level 3 certification in Nutrition and Weight Management so we are well placed to help you attain the balanced health you require and shredded physique to suit. Kettlebell training looks intimidating to the most capable of gym users but with our coaching, you’ll gain a new skill, more confidence and the ability to walk into any gym knowing you’re skilled up to get some real training in. Helping men with mental and other health issues gives us pleasure because we know the power of a man that’s been down isn’t the same as a man that hasn’t seen what the former man has seen. He’s a different beast if he only gives himself the chance to rise up once again; we’ll help you all the way.

Published by Hanif

Husband and Father helping Men in the U.K. and worldwide get into amazing shape with coaching and lifestyle change underpinned by authentic Islamic knowledge, current fitness techniques and the advancement of modern health discoveries.

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