Life-Changing with Trainers & a Kettlebell

Trainers by Nike – Pegasus 39

The times we live in are tough and as the reality of the current economic squeeze on family finances becomes more evident, more measures need to be taken to cut costs for many families. As Husbands, fathers and sons of the household, it is usually up to us to bring the bag home and so we start to cut out the unnecessary subscriptions and unneeded purchases. But, should your fitness be on that list to get the cut? Are there other options to consider instead of a gym membership? In this post, I’d like to talk to you about how you can maintain your fitness while we chart these recurring and turbulent times with the help of a pair of trainers and a kettlebell.

Hello, my name is Hanif and I run, our goal is to get the men of London, the United Kingdom and the whole world to live active lifestyles and maintain a balance in diet. I’m a student of Personal Training, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Islamic knowledge that also likes running, family time and good food. Finding time to exercise can take the back seat for many men and as I approach 40 years of age I see just how important regular physical activity, stretching and eating healthy can improve one’s quality of life.

As I said upon opening this post, the times we are in are tough. The media talk about the rumblings of a recession, social media expectations to maintain the look of elitism and success can incite wicked behaviour and for young men especially the spring/summer heat can swell up paybacks. One of the best ways for the youth to avoid trouble is to stay active and engage in fitness training but this can cost money the youth can’t afford and for some men, the gym setting isn’t an option.

Health is one’s most important possessions. If you don’t look after it you can’t look after those you love and it’s as simple as that so I suggest you invest in just a couple of things. A pair of running trainers and a kettlebell. That’s the foundation of all you need to get a whole-body workout. Running and kettlebell training combined will increase your cardiovascular, respiratory and musculoskeletal systems’ strength and endurance.

I understand that many men wish to exercise but don’t get around to it because of time and money. Such a person needs to reflect upon the state they were created upon, the best of statures, but we let the chasing after wealth come before our true purpose all too often. At present we are in Ramadan and what a blessing it is. It’s an opportunity for the Muslim to be real with himself and make positive steps forward – myself included.


Running and Kettlebell training as well as the other forms of exercise excite the happy hormones within the brain. The more regularly you work out the less stress you seem to have and the clearer your thinking becomes. Knowing the reality of mental ill-health I find it to be of utmost importance for men and their families to stay active and I know I fall short in this, may Allah ta’ala make it easy.

The cost of your equipment doesn’t matter and what the people say about you while you strive to benefit yourself is irrelevant. The time we have in this life is short and the consequences of our evil actions can be grave upon us until we repent, the life of the grave is long and we only have one life. So with that, I recommend a man to focus in on the important things and realise he is still living and able to give his body its due right.

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Life isn’t easy for anyone. The good or bad we do will show on us so show your best face and let your striving reflect that. Thanks for reading and have a good healthy life.

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