My road to PTing is just beginning

We have goals to reach.

As a student of Personal Training, I’ve come to learn just how important physical activity is to our lives. If you want to investigate statistics on body dysmorphia, obesity and the sedentary state of the UK public you can do that to see just how necessary change is for our society, communities and our families. Change comes about when we accept our current state and take steps to change, which can take many forms from joining a football team, boxing, joining a gym or jogging or whatever else you find interesting and engaging.

I’m not a finished article in fitness and my genetics have favoured me over many men my age but I know I have work to do, work that will never end until my death. Peace be with you all, and thanks for coming to check in with me. My name is Hanif and I’m on the road to becoming a personal trainer.

Recently I gained a new role within a gym setting as an Instructor and it’s been a good experience although it’s a testing role. From coaching groups to cleaning, showing future members around the gym and maintaining the safety of gym users, there’s a lot to do day-to-day.

The reason (or I should say from the reasons) I got into fitness training was the benefit I felt to my mental health and I want to help others gain the same, balance, calm and strength. It’s not all about looking good for me likewise the majority of people that attend a gym, have real-world goals like remedying arm, shoulder or knee pain and more. Yes, gym training has limits to how good it can be to heart and brain health, having a firm connection to our creator is the true way to solace in life but fitness is high up there in bringing about good health.

I’m closing in on becoming a level 3 personal trainer and with that comes a great responsibility towards the client. In reality, my road to PT’ing is just beginning because having studied a subject and having knowledge that you can act upon are two different things. All I know at this time is I’m a part of a great team striving to build members up to be the best version of there selves. I look forward to every day working and upon achieving my level 3 inshaAllah I hope to truly be at service to my community.

I appreciate you reading this post and hope you’ll check out the various services and products currently available at feel welcome to message me [here].

Published by Hanif

Husband and Father helping Men in the U.K. and worldwide get into amazing shape with coaching and lifestyle change underpinned by authentic Islamic knowledge, current fitness techniques and the advancement of modern health discoveries.

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