Can you gain strength in 30 minutes? 

Dumbbells are a key piece of strength training equipment

Many men lead busy lives that call for them to hold down 30-minute workouts because that’s all the time they can give to training each day. To me, that’s great going without a doubt seeing that the larger population of the UK are inactive, may possess a gym membership, have the ability and time to exercise yet don’t find themselves giving any time to training.

It is very possible to gain strength by working out 30 minutes each day and such a schedule can be maintained with minimal rest days. If I could only manage 30 minutes a day I would focus on whole body workouts (Upper body, Lower body, Core, CV) in a circuit format utilising Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Resistance bands and if possible a cardiovascular machine such as a rower, bike and/or Treadmill. If no cardio equipment is available there’s nothing better than getting on the street for a jog or bike ride around the town.

Progress can be made with strength however 30-45 minute sweat sessions made popular by F45, CrossFit, PureGym and so on are best given to weight-loss goals. But, if gaining strength is really your thing you’ll want to pick out 6-8 exercises that target your desired muscles with a medium-heavy weight that you can progressively increase. The programme should be maintained for 8-12 weeks before progressing.

Hour-long sessions can be intimidating for a beginner, whether in a gym or not. 30 minutes is that sweet spot and thus doesn’t cause one to drastically change their daily plans to fit training in. Work, family, friends and downtime to yourself, getting good sleep all benefit from your increased energy and productivity and mood gained from regular exercise so try working out for 30 minutes each day for the next 5 days then ask yourself “should I keep this up?”

Thanks for reading and taking the time to learn about how Criterion Fit is helping Men in the UK and around the world switch gears in terms of fitness and nutrition. We’d like to hear your comments, suggestions and success stories in health so hit our contact us page and drop a message.

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