I work, and I need to workout but where’s the time? (Text & Audio)

Out of Office. Gone to The Gym!

For the majority of us men, looking like a fitness or catwalk model isn’t even a thought we’d like to entertain. Yeah, the wife would be impressed but we don’t have the desire to stand around for women or men to be standing, staring at how beautiful we look in the 2023 drop or drip or whatever the youth are calling it these days. But, that doesn’t mean we aren’t aware of the reality, that were aging, and with age comes degradation of skills, abilities, and mechanics. Our looks are important, and there’s space for self-care but for most men, they just don’t care too much about how they look, it’s reality.

We spend the days working and traveling, few hours at home or with the children, spouse or friends, a bit of time to relax and eat, a bit of time to talk to family, maybe read something, listen or watch something… the time just doesn’t seem to be there for exercise. But it is possible and doable for all of us. 

The reality is there isn’t one man on this earth that couldn’t do with a training programme in his life, that doesn’t mean that you’re mentally ready, but the fact remains; you’d benefit from a level of exercise. Fitness isn’t the light and calling of your life, let’s get that clear. I’m not the fitness guy or guru or whatever they call them selling you dreams about a fitness nirvana, that’s nonexistent. Yeah exercise will increase your quality of life, potentially your relationships, increase your networks and net worth, you’ll get better sleep through regular exercise, have better and longer-lasting intimacy with your lady, reduce the chances of heart disease, decrease the chance of loss of bone density, you’ll increase cardiovascular fitness and muscle mass – these depend on your style of fitness training of course. But if these aren’t enough of a reason to get into a fitness routine then weight loss or weight gain – once again, depending on your style of training these are things you’ll achieve with good frequency and intensity of sessions.

So, now we’ve gone into the benefits of fitness training, let’s talk about finding time. So tell me, have you heard of F45 or PureGym Sweat sessions or any of the other group class sessions you’ll find in the majority of commercial gyms? Some last 30 minutes and others 45 minutes. Those classes are very popular for busy working people, the young, the old, women, and men because they are set at convenient times. These classes are usually spaced out throughout the day and bring in big crowds. Just 30 minutes a day, consistently, you’ll see long-lasting effects on your health and fitness. And if group sessions aren’t your thing you can get in touch with me and learn about my online kettlebell training sessions 

The key point is that you have to be ready in your heart and know that tomorrow isn’t promised. Making the time for a football match 2-3 times a week, not making it off the sofa is a sign that you got time for exercise. It’s 2023 now and the levels or stakes are even higher than they ever were, the food we eat and what we drink is recorded and either for us or against us. Did you take that opportunity to walk to the market on Friday with the family rather than taking the car or bus or train or whatever you take?  Did you put down that cake instead of eating it, leaving it for someone else to have the next day? did you drink the can of cola or did you drink the water that was even closer to you?

Fitness lifestyle in 2023 for me is less about hitting the gym goal and being in the gym all day and all night and getting to be more mindful and reflective about how the actions I do affect my life now and in the future God willing. Working can’t be/is a major part of our lives, the majority of people are sitting in an office, sitting in a car, sitting in a meeting, and sitting on your hidden dreams and goals at the end of the day we need to be proactive and reflective in our approach to life and progress.

If somethings not working you have to examine what the causes could be. Once you’ve crossed off what isn’t an issue you’ll find what is. If time management is the issue then it’s not working, if motivation is the issue it’s not working, if confidence is the issue it’s not working. Your job isn’t the issue, your job doesn’t have you tied into the building as a night watchman as well – if that is the case then you need to talk to a solicitor – but you have hours outside of work that are free for you to travel the earth so you stay local and hit the closet gym to your job before or after work, start walking home and definitely look into the food your bringing into your home weekly.

So, these are just some thoughts I wanted to share with you on my road to a fitness and help you potentially on your road to fitness so hit me with a message or comment, call me or catch me on WhatsApp, so i’ma I get back to what I’m doing, drink my coffee, speak to you soon.

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