Ramadan Full-body Circuit

What a blessing coming towards us! Ramadan is only weeks away, may Allah ta’ala grant us the life to witness it and many more by his mercy. It’s a time to connect with Allah the mighty and wise by doing many acts of worship. From those acts of worship one may think little about would be giving your body its right to maintenance and care by way of nutritious food and exercise.

My name is Hanif Tagoe of Criterion Fitness and Nutrition where we help Men tip the scale in their favour in terms of health with an emphasis on exercise. And seeing as Ramadan is so close I thought I’d put together a circuit session you can do in the comfort of your home, alone or with family. 

You need the following:



Exercise Mat

accessories for fitness. Dumbbells, weight plates, gloves rope sled

This workout circuit is not a personal session but rather a general session to meet the needs of a person with no health issues that may be worsened or aggravated by its use. If you have health issues please consult your GP, physiotherapist, or healthcare provider before trying this session. We take no responsibility for illness, injury, or the like, to you, or any property by way of the use of this session. This session should be followed as described, following the descending order of exercises.

This circuit should be repeated 3 times taking a 1-2 minute break between each round of the circuit. You can progress the plan if you find it easy, just add weight, reduce rest between rounds, or add additional rounds of the circuit. But, note this is only one session and it doesn’t constitute a full programme of exercising and testing all of your muscles. It is a starting point for some and something new to try for others. For a full programme designed around your goals, time, preferred way, and location of training please feel free to get in contact with an email to hanif@criterionfit.com. 

So it’s time to get it in!!!

Bodyweight Squats1 minuteWeighted squats
Kettlebell Press1 minuteDumbbell press
Planks1 minuteLevel change planks
Burpees1 minute
Dumbbell Deadlift1 minuteDeadlift + Squat + Press (chain)
Dumbbell Curls1 minute
Crunches1 minute
Jumping Jacks1 minute
Bodyweight side-lunges1 minuteRacked kettlebell lunge
Dumbbell Lateral Raise1 minute
Leg Lowering1 minute
Fast Feet (run on the spot)1 minute
Ramadan 2023 circuit session

If you’ve enjoyed this circuit session and would like to learn more about nutrition and fitness in the life of a Muslim from a basic starting point, do check out “Ramadan Health Guide” by Hanif. It isn’t a gym plan or meal plan, it’s a guidebook to two fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle although there is much more to life, balance, and health than food and exercise. You can find your copy ready to be downloaded at BeTheCriterion.com.

Published by Hanif

Husband and Father helping Men in the U.K. and worldwide get into amazing shape with coaching and lifestyle change underpinned by authentic Islamic knowledge, current fitness techniques and the advancement of modern health discoveries.

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