Road to PT’ing: The Tortuous Beat The Hare

The finish-line is getting closer

It’s said you can’t rush a good thing. To me, exercise is a good thing as it probably is to you wherever you are in your fitness journey. It was around 2012 Olympics, in my first year of marriage that I really started to self-evaluate my health and by 2017 I really started getting into fitness. Before that, I was infrequent with training because I had no idea of what to do in the gym to make structured progress. I’d never had a personal training session let alone a fitness assessment, I didn’t know people go to the gym with a programme or plan to train with, I was clueless, and making a SMART goal wasn’t in my vocabulary.

I knew that I wanted to be in the best of health for part of my faith is to give my body its right to care. I wanted and still want to be around for my family for as long as possible so the work is put in. Being that I have health issues I know I must be careful about what I allow my senses to experience, the senses are what we need control over – the soul constantly calling for sensation and stimulation. I’m not all the way clear of the temptations of life but I’m more aware of what doesn’t befit my goals.

Just yesterday I got a bit closer to achieving my Personal Training qualification. I had an assessment to check how capable I am at safely coaching clients which made me more confident in my abilities. Yes, some people will complete their PT course in under 3 months or so but my road to get here hasn’t been a straight one.  From moving job to job, mental ill health and the covid-19 lockdowns have all impacted the path towards PT’ing.

Personal Trainers are skilled professionals in the prescription of exercise to help clients achieve fitness and health goals.

Wherever you are in your health, you can’t go wrong by employing a Personal Trainer that you’re comfortable working with! I say this with the knowledge I’ve gained through my course provider and as a man that has had multiple gym memberships over the years while having no idea of what I need to do to see change. I employed a Personal Trainer to give me guidance and save time, because just like any knowledge you want to gain you go to those who know the field well rather than the one who looks the part but doesn’t really have the knowledge. Having a PT with you also make the road fun and engaging because the setting can be a lonely one.

I like gym training although no gym is perfect. I go in and see people going after it which isn’t something you see outside of the gym often. I especially like to see older people in a gym because as a man of compassion with faults and things to improve, I see in them a determination to be independent, strong, capable, and desire to live well to their last breath which I hope I’ll be like in old age God willing. Over and above the aesthetic appeal of fitness training in whatever setting you enjoy should be a goal of making the activities of daily living easy to execute for as long as possible. Look good while doing good is a good look but check your sincerity!

It’s the head of Spring time now and I really hope to be Personal Training very soon, helping men like you get after those goals and tip the balance of fitness in your favour. If you’d like to know more about me and what I can offer you of training or you’d like to know where to find me upon completing my PT training, drop me a message – links on my contact page.

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Husband and Father helping Men in the U.K. and worldwide get into amazing shape with coaching and lifestyle change underpinned by authentic Islamic knowledge, current fitness techniques and the advancement of modern health discoveries.

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