The Lockdown Weight Gain +audio

You may usually be a very active person travelling for work, regular gym attendance, helping and visiting family and friends and much more. But during this Covid-19 lockdown you may have found you’ve been forced into seclusion and as a result you’re living a sedentary lifestyle. It’s not easy or fun but it’s life for many of us. In this article we will discuss steps you can take to limit weight gain during these trying times.

How’s it going? My name is Abu Hafs Hanif of Criterion Fitness and Nutrition. We use social media to encourage aid and empower men to look after their health with fitness and nutritional services. Our Weight-loss programme ‘’The Old Medicine’’ could help you lose between 8 – 16 lbs over the next 2 months, find out more [Here].

Weight gain in men often results in a spare tyre around the midsection which can result in distress, hardship, discomfort and ill-health. Being overweight or obese has been linked to hypertension, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer among others. So what should one do? Here are some tips that will help you gain control in this ‘Lockdown 3.0’ as people call it.

Drink Water

Before you eat your next meal and all your subsequent meals drink a glass or cup of water. This will fill you up faster than if you just ate your meal without drinking. It will also trigger in your mind consciousness over what you have before you and how much is on your plate. It’s believed that drinking water while eating may speed up your metabolism and improve digestion so keep the drinks coming.

Smaller Plate

Filling your plate with food is what we’ll usually do without a second thought. We don’t buy plates for the size, we buy them to hold food but there’s no governmental directive on how big they should be. You can find smaller plates quite easily and this will increase your food consciousness as you balance out how much Carbs, Fats and Protein you serve. 

Healthy meal

Smaller Portions

Eating smaller meals may take some getting used to but with drinking more water you’ll find yourself full faster. The types of food you eat are still very important, filling up on Fibre and Protein will help you feel less destressed over the smaller amounts you’re eating.


Snacking on fruit and vegetables is a fast way to get your five a day recommendation sorted. Snacking on biscuits, crisps and chocolate increases your calorie count a lot faster than fruit and veg and they don’t satiate you much so they are best reduced and better yet left off.

Eat together

Sharing your meal and better yet your plate with your family, wife, children or friends is a great way to curb how much you eat. As the conversation flows you’ll become less focused on filling yourself and in a positive way become more conscious of your eating. You’ll be strengthening your family bonds and following the example of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his family and companions (may Allah be pleased with them all).

Increase the foods that fill

Fiber and Protein fill you up faster and for longer than low-fiber Carbs and Fats. Eggs, meats, cheese, fruit and vegetables should be the foods you turn to rather than white beard, white rice and pastry goods for example.


Doing exercise at home, going for walks with your family, tidying your home, these are all things that will expend energy. Some forms of sport and physical activity may be open to you so as long as they are open to you and you’re healthy they will be a good way to keep excess weight off. If not, check out some of the home workout articles I’ve previously posted but if you’d rather a personal exercise plan learn more [Here].

If you’ve put on some pounds during this lockdown period it’s important not to get distraught about it. These are tough times for many people and many people have died as a result of varying factors revolving around this virus but you’re surely heading in the right direction – reading this article is proof enough. Just as you gained weight you can lose the weight!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. If you have any comments or suggestions leave me a message and I will respond God willing. I’ve also got an audio post for you to listen to so take an extra few minutes to hear me.

Energy Balance & Weight-loss

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Libido Boosting the Natural Way

The Men of Jannah will have the strength in intercourse of 100 as was narrated from Anas ibn Maalik (radyAllahu anhu) from the Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alahi wa sallam) in a Hasan Hadith found in Jami’ At-Tirmidhi (Hadith 2536 – Chapter on Description of Paradise From the Messenger of Allah (sallallahu alahi wa sallam)).

Who doesn’t want Paradise? Who amongst you doesn’t want an abundance of wives and who doesn’t want the stamina of 100 men? Until you make it to Paradise my brother you’re going to have to make do with the stamina and strength of one. This life isn’t easy, especially since libido can fall off in even the most virile of young bucks and even harder for the stag catching grey hair and diminishing muscle. But I say to you you can turn things around and preserve your shelf life if you take the following steps and turn them into action.

Libido is defined as sexual instinct or sexual drive and a key aspect of increasing this drive is to increase your bodily levels of Testosterone. Testosterone is a hormone found in both Men and Women (but in smaller amounts). From puberty it’s production in the testicles of men ramps up but begins to dip around age 30.

Low levels of Testosterone are linked to low sex drive, low energy levels, low mood, weight gain and loss of bone density. It sounds grim but you can be that sports car in power and drive – excuse the pun. A natural course of action should ideally be the way to go rather than taking medications that send hormones skyrocketing and having adverse effects in other areas. So here are a few steps you should consider to bring that ‘’ol’ thing back’’ as Biggie Smalls once said.


Regular exercise has so much to offer in way of health benefits and your libido is no exception in this regard. Weight Training in a way that increases muscle size will also increase your amounts of Testosterone and also has a positive effect on your mood. Working your major muscle groups i.e. Legs with Squats and Deadlifts with heavy weight is ideal. Aerobic exercise including HIIT is also beneficial in improving sexual function and lowering Cortisol levels which like the evil twin to Testosterone. 


The World is a big place and by the mercy of Allah azza wa jal we can find libido boosting foods from end to end. After a training session it always makes good sense to replenish your glycogen stores with some Carbohydrates which are our body’s prefered energy source, as well as drinking water. But to get the T-levels up you also want to consume the following (not an exclusive list):

Honey – coming in different colors and consistency, honey is a wonder food and aphrodisiac to many couples. Honey contains B vitamins which have a large role in the production of Testosterone.

Banana – has vitamins and minerals including Potassium that can increase blood flow to the genitals and increase production of Testosterone. Manganese and Magnesium also found in Banana improve prostate health and promote reproductive organ health

Dates – a food indelibly linked to the Muslim world, also held to some as an aphrodisiac, dates are a fast source of glucose for your energy needs that also contain fiber and antioxidants, fighting off free-radical damage.

Ginger – another aphrodisiac believed to aid blood flow and improve artery health, ginger aids genital health.

Fenugreek – contains compounds called furostanolic saponins which are believed to increase the production of Testosterone, contains anti-inflammatory compounds and may also have anticancer effects.


After you killed your exercise session and had your fill of Testosterone boosting foods you need rest. Sleep is very important to maintaining a balanced body as well as mind to avoid sleep deprivation which can lead to mood swings, fatigue, poor focus and yes low virility (and erectile dysfunction). The common prospect in the west is to get between 7 – 9 hours of sleep per day which is great if you can fit in earning, seeking Islamic Knowledge, meeting the needs of family and those you preside over, get your fitness session in and eat, and and and, all in the one day. It’s hard to do but taking ‘’Power Naps’’ in the day will help, and to get that ‘’ol’ thing back’’ you need to put the effort in. To get that sleep try turning all devices off an hour before you go to sleep and aim to hit your pillow at the same time every night to build a routine.

If you’ve been having a dull lockdown and want to spice things up with your spouse try all of the above consistently. The advice of your GP is a must but seeking natural remedies is a great way to go to build your T-levels up in a safe and steady way. Please don’t take the above lists to be everything you need, there are many foods and more ways to go about this issue.

Criterion Fitness and Nutrition and Abu Hafs Hanif welcome your comments and discussion around this topic, if you have something to share feel free to email [Here].

If you need an exercise programme that will help you on your way to optimum health and virility leave us a message and we will be in touch as soon as possible.


Sweat 2020 goodbye with this Weekend Circuit Session

Workout Session 2021

What’s a better way to start the new year than to drill a gym session? Here’s a full body workout that will help you set the pace for your new year. Including cardiovascular work this session also switches between upper and lower body movements that will have your heart racing and muscles worked.

My name is Hanif and I run Criterion Fitness and Nutrition, helping Men achieve Health and Fitness goals. If you’ve got goals for sport, diet, weight-loss or gain you can get in-touch with us; thank you for visiting this site and now for what you’ve been waiting for, a new training session to set your year off right, no equipment needed! 

This exercise session is used at your own risk, if you have health conditions that require you to consult your GP please do so before attempting this workout session. I recommend this session to otherwise healthy men with no injuries or illnesses recovering from. Start with light cardio such as marching on the spot for 3 – 5 minutes then begin stretching for a further 5 minutes.

This session is best used in an outdoors setting such as a garden, park or on tarmac (car park area). The full circuit should take you little over 35 – 40 minutes, remember to stay hydrated and wear clothing that’s loose fitting and allows for flexibility through your full range of motion.

Circuit 1:

ExerciseReps/ DurationOther Info
Alt Forward Lunges2 minsBalance with a chair for stability if needed.
Burpees2 mins
Push Ups30 repsBox push up if full push up is difficult.
High Knees2 mins
Planks1 min

2 minute Rest.

Circuit 2:

ExerciseReps/ DurationOther Info
Squat Holds 10 sec holds – 2 min total DurationWall Squat for stability.
Burpees2 mins
Push Ups30 repsBox push up if full push up is difficult.
High Knees2 mins
Crunches1 min

2 minute Rest.

Circuit 3:

ExerciseReps/ DurationOther Info
Side Lunges2 minsHold onto a chair for stability if needed.
Burpees2 mins
Push ups30 repsBox push up if full push up is difficult.
Static Squat30 sec holds – 2 mins total duration10 sec break between reps maximum.
Flutter Kicks1 minNo stopping for 60 seconds

2 minute Rest.

Run through this whole session once or twice. I hope you find it to be challenging and beneficial to your goals whatever they may be. We’ve come into a new year which is a blessing, yes last year was hard but we should all aim to be prepared for such hardship as much as possible. Eating foods that promote good health, regular exercise, good sleeping patterns, keeping good social networks that remind us of our purpose and so on, these are the things that will help us live longer, better and happier lives.

If you enjoyed this exercise session and beat the 30-minute clock well done. Get in touch with me and I will design your bespoke exercise programme with your help. Designed to your needs, lifestyle and goals, our efforts will see you going from strength to strength so message us [Here].

The Ways To Weight-Loss

Scale, apple and tape measure – Weight-loss

Losing weight isn’t science for some people but for others it’s harder than building a spaceship and that’s nothing to be sad about. In this post I will break down the ways you can implement to lose your desired weight and keep it off.

My name is Hanif and I run Criterion Fitness and Nutrition, helping Men of all ages, sizes and goals smash the targets we set and agree to. I’ve never been majorly overweight but I’ve had my own health battles. Starting a fitness journey will benefit you and those you love so it’s great that you’re at this website and focusing on your health. Enough of the fluffy stuff here’s the knowledge.

So, the key to weight-loss is simple in speech but harder to act upon but with coaching it will get easier. Calorie deficit is the key, to burn more calories than you take into your body from food and drink. Sounds straightforward but it gets complicated when you have to earn a living, travel for knowledge, attend to your family, vist so-and-so and then figure out if it makes more sense to hit the drive-thru on your way home or do some late night supermarket shopping. Life isn’t always going to be easy but now comes the methods to weight-loss which are:

  • Exercise
  • Fasting
  • Food and Drink Restriction
  • Combining the above

The way you go about losing weight depends on you however my way is to combine all the above. Exercise strengthens your cardiovascular system, muscles are strengthened, bodily imbalances are rectified and your range of motion can be increased. Exercise is also good for brain health and reduces mental ill health such as depression. The form of exercise is up to you but I’d recommend sessions that include strength training as well as cardiovascular training since strength training does infact aid weight-loss.

Fasting is very popular in the fitness and health conscious world. For Muslim’s fasting is to please Allah azza wa jal but fasting also has the benefit of bringing about weight-loss. Body fat and muscle are lost through fasting but with regular exercise and a good balanced diet the muscle loss can be managed. Fasting also gives your digestive system a break which can only be good since the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is reported to have said words to the effect of ‘Man fills nothing worse than his stomach.’

Food and Drink Restriction would basically be cutting Calories. Cutting the amount of Calories you get from food will help put you into a calorie deficit at a faster rate than by exercising the same number of calories away. Cutting out sweets, baked food and avoiding fizzy drinks are all good ways to reach your goal weight.

How you go about attaining your goal weight is your call however I’d recommend to add all of these methods into your programme to increase you in good health overall. With time you’ll find that your weight has dropped, you feel more energetic, less stressed, more mobile and able to achieve your daily tasks.

Weight-loss isn’t the wall you may have seen it to be and I hope this article has made the road to good health that bit more understandable. If things are still unclear and you’d like my help 1-2-1 just drop a message [Here] and I will be in contact with you. A new year is upon us and the health of the nation is on our minds. Being overweight and obese have been linked to many illnesses and so looking after your health will only pay you back in years to come. Thanks for reading and talk to you soon. 

Are You Calorie Counting? A Few Reasons That Add Up!

Calories counting

Macros are the fitness geeks abbreviation for Macronutrients. The three we will concern ourselves with are Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats, the fourth macro is Alcohol which we’ll leave off. When we eat we gain energy from our food and these macros are our source of energy since they all have an amount of calories to them. Calorie counting is nothing new and many people will tell you “you don’t need to count” for reasons they probably can’t easily explain but I will explain to you my reasons why it makes sense to count calories for anyone with weight-loss goals that is generally healthy but looking to drop a few pounds.

The weight-loss world is like a big room with staircases leading to many different places, less like the final scene of Scarface and more like an airport. If you go left or right you’ll find someone selling something, pushing something, feel me? It helps to have some basic knowledge of what you’re eating in-order to make informed decisions when it comes to how you’ll lose the desired weight.

When you know how many calories you’ve just eaten and the day has just started you’ll be better placed in the future to pick out foods that taste good and stay inline with your health goals. This will help you attain weight-loss faster over time since you’ll be able to consistently eat in a calorie deficit which should produce your goal of weight-loss over days, weeks and/or months.

Not all food is equal. Protein and Carbs are 4kcal per gram and Fats is at 9kcal per gram. This form of tracking is a bit less stressful than Macro counting. With Calorie counting you can easily keep tabs on what you’ve been eating by taking pictures of nutritional values on packaging and also using apps such as My FitnessPal. Macro tracking takes more time and for the guy with a little bit of weight to lose this may be burdensome.

It’s also important to note that when you can count calories and portion sizes you’ll find your dinner plate take on new forms/size. Calorie counting isn’t much fun but it’s a fast way to weight-loss that doesn’t cost you anything.

If you found this post informative and you learnt something then please share it, like it and bookmark this site so you’ll be the first to catch the latest post. If you’d like help with regards to your fitness training or weight-loss goals just message me [Here]. My name is Hanif of Criterion Fitness and Nutrition, I hope you’ve learnt something you can act upon. Thanks for reading and stay healthy.

Road to PT’ing: Why you need to train with Kettlebells Now!


There’s a section within your gym that is seldom used but full of great potential in helping you reach your goals. Most of the people that step into your gym look over to the area and see a brick wall that they’re not yet ready to jump over, they wish they knew how and wonder if it’s really worth it. That area is the Kettlebell rack and yes it really is worth the time and tests you face in upgrading your training skills.

My name is Hanif and I am the owner of Criterion Fitness and Nutrition helping Men of varying goals, shapes and sizes enjoy a better quality of life and health. A Londoner that serves clients from all corners of the English speaking world, my passion for fitness turned into a business in 2017. Currently I’m working towards a Level 3 Cert as a Personal Trainer and outside of study I engage in Martial Arts.

One of the courses I’m really looking forward to is coming up soon InshaAllah/God willing, it’s Kettlebell Training. I, like many people used to walk past Kettlebells thinking ‘I should really give it a go, maybe later.’ The thought of not knowing how to use them properly turned me away like many of us but a Farmers Walks here and a set of Lunges there helped me in becoming more comfortable with the idea of Overhead-pressing and Kettlebell Swings.

I’m only starting the road to Kettlebell training but highly recommend this style of training and so I will elucidate to you the reasons why you need to pick up a Kettlebell or two be it by gym training or a set for your home training. But first, let us get a brief history of these weighted instruments.

Kettlebells today are fitness training tools much like dumbbells and barbell free weights but different in shape and application. Synonymous to Russian Strength Athletes and the Military, Kettlebell training has been a staple in the training of Men but it’s believed the weights were first used in agriculture to weigh up produce and the like. The traditional weight of a Kettlebell is 1 Pood, equating to 16kg and there are three areas to a Kettlebell which are the (1) Handle, (2) Horns and (3) Bell which can be formed from Iron or Steel in a traditional setup.

What makes this mode of training unique is that the user must control the weight against the force of gravity and their shape. Often described as the ultimate training tool, let’s look at why this style of training is so good and why you should get into it.

Cardiovascular fitness can be improved

“Continuous kettlebell swings can impart a metabolic challenge of sufficient intensity to increase V̇o2max” and concluded “Kettlebells provide a useful tool with which coaches may improve the cardio respiratory fitness of their athletes.” (Farrar, Ryan, Mayhew, Jerry, Koch, & Alexander, 2010) 

Increase muscle strength, hypertrophy and endurance

Kettlebell training can be appropriate for a wide range of training goals including strength gains, endurance and hypertrophy. The various exercises you can utilize through repetition coupled with the resistance and forces of gravity can greatly increase your progress while adding diversity to your programme.

Increase flexibility

A greater range of motion is needed with this style of training due to its vigorous nature which will help improve flexibility.

Adaptations to body composition

This style of training will decrease body fat and increase lean muscle, coupled with aerobic training you’ll find it effective in improving and adapting body composition.

Functional training

Many of your muscle groups are recruited during kettlebell training and this is much like the tasks of everyday living. Core stabilisation is needed as you control your body during kettlebell lifts. You’ll find many everyday movements lighter upon you due to this form of training.

If you’ve never touched a kettlebell but wondered why they seem to be in every gym, now you know. They are reasonably priced for the benefits you can gain from using them if home training is your thing. They are conveniently storable, movable and longlasting; as 2021 approaches and Gym’s are closed again due to the Covid19 virus it makes sense for anyone that wants to continue training to get a bell or two.

As I progress in my training I will be incorporating more kettlebell work into my exercise programming. Weight-loss goals can be smashed with kettlebells and if strength training and endurance is the goal kettlebell’s got things in check still. 

If you’d like more information on this style of training or if you have a question regarding current products and services I offer including Weight-loss assistance for Men then get in touch [Here] and I will reply to you as soon as possible. If you haven’t downloaded our Ramadan Health Guide do-so by joining the mailing list (on our Home Page).

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Pick your Kicks

Flat Shoes

Wearing a new pair of kicks (sneakers/ trainers) has almost always brought me happiness until they get scuffed up. You can’t buy a new pair and have them mashup within days, not cool. Most of us have those everyday trainers; your go-to daily run around kicks, those beat down comfy as anything trainers. But when it comes to getting your exercise in, with specific goals in mind you may want to trade those slides in for some real workout ready lace-ups.

Wearing trainers in accordance to your training goals will help you to reach your goals in a more comfortable fashion since wearing the wrong thing can increase your chance of injury. So what should you be wearing? Well, name brands are all sweat – I mean sweet – but they will not make you run all that much faster; if you’re fast you’re fast, and if you catch an extra second of air due to your trainers then good for you but in reality, the work is all you.

Trainers are first and foremost a form of protection for your feet from the elements so with that being said you should pick your exercise gear/trainers well; for protection, comfort, grip, durability and so on, before style. In this post I’m going to talk about the kind of thing I rock in the gym and on the road although I don’t run much – that’s about to change though. So let’s start with flats as my wife calls them.

Flats would be those close to the pavement, feel the road when you walk kicks and I’d say Converse Allstars are the prime example. These are ideal for Leg Day in the gym, doing squats, deadlifts and leg presses because your foot is fully and all the way connected to the ground, heels and balls of your feet. Some people will decide to take their kicks off on squats which gives them an even greater connection to the ground but you’ll be missing some grip and foot protection if you should so, unfortunately, mash yourself up.

Running Shoes

Running shoes come in so many forms and a lot of ‘running shoes’ are just for show, designed for street wear rather than 5/10k running. Asics Tiger Gel-Kayano 25X are what I’d call running shoes and the bright colours they come in will help you in being seen on the road on a dark January morning session. Running shoes need to be sturdy so you don’t worry about your heels and ankles but they also need a good level of flexibility just below your laces for flexing the foot. The best thing you can do is try a couple of boxes in a shop that has good knowledge of running like Runners Need.

In reality, these are the only kinds of trainers you will ever really need when you’re exercising, style it up however you like. You can buy weight-lifting shoes which are along the same line as wearing flat trainers but you’d be unlikely to sport squat specific trainers to the supermarket.  Running trainers or flat base trainers can also be worn while doing fast ballistic type movements, box jumps in a pair of stan smiths shouldn’t be an issue.

If money is an issue to your exercise you can rock plimsolls in the gym, I don’t care, just get the work in and give your body its due right to care and exercise.

Let Food Be Your Medicine

As a child, I wasn’t easy to feed or should I say I was selective in what I’d happily eat. By the Mercy of Allah (our creator and sustainer), I was born in a time and place where food was easy to come by. Like many children growing up, I didn’t fully comprehend how blessed I was even though my parents would explain how blessed we were, so I’d skip meals and order takeaway when there was food at home if I only walked towards the kitchen.

Today as a Father I go through what my parents went through, explaining that food is medicine for the body. More than just taste and enjoyment, food is a necessity that many people struggle throughout the day, every day, to get a hold of.

If you’ve ever been a smoker, vaper or drinker then you know how the chemicals within these things shoot to the brain and give a feeling of “pleasure”. Food does the same thing! Affecting the body and mind, even the soul and Allah (our creator and sustainer) knows best. It’s easy to think to oneself that an obese person is just greedy, it’s harder for us to look at that obese person and ask them ‘what has brought this situation on?’

Overeating can be due to many factors and most overweight or obese people would gladly shed the pounds if only they knew what to do. Many overweight people have tried to lose weight alone believing they shouldn’t look for help because they got themselves into the situation they are in but there is nothing bad in searching out for the best people to help you when they are masters in that field.

It’s said “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” in business, this translates into weight-loss as well. If you know someone that knows and has studied nutrition, energy balance, exercise and can turn the knowledge into actionable steps, work with them.

Food should be treated as medicine. How I understand this is that you eat in quantities necessary at the correct times and in the correct manner. Overeating is from being unrestrictive with one’s self which is easy to fall into when a person hasn’t been guided away from this.

‘The Old Medicine’ – (8 Week Weight-loss Programme)

If you want food to be your medicine and not your poison then [CLICK HERE] or through my social media accounts. ‘The Old Medicine’ is our 8 WEEK programme that breaks down how to maintain balanced nutrition, lose weight and maintain your health. An exercise plan is also included in the programme so you can get off to a flying start upon your health-conscious lifestyle.

Making Motivation For Fitness Easy

Without a doubt, from the greatest things you can do for yourself is looking after yourself; be it spiritually, mentally, nutritionally or physically. The fitness bug has caught hold of many people due to Covid-19 (pun not intended), people wanting to reduce their chances of falling ill, supercharge their gut health, reduce weight and reduce the mental strain of being at home more. So you bought new fitness clothes from JD Sports and Gym Shark. You got a box of supplements from The Protein Works and Holland & Barrett. You invested in the Foam Roller, Yoga Mat and Pull-Up bar, so what’s wrong?

old habits versus new habits

Buying all you think you’ll need is good because it shows you have a desire for change but buying things won’t make the task of motivating yourself as easy as you’d think!

Motivation – Oxford definition:

a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way.

“escape can be a strong motivation for travel”

The work you need to do to gain muscle mass for example will require consistent and planned weight training. That is physical activity that conditions your body into the desired bodily adaptation. Thinking about growing won’t bring forth the goal, work will. 

Your need to attain the goal needs to exceed your desire for the ease of non-action. You need to want it! Not everyone has the money to buy a £150+ fitness membership but if you can afford that and still lack motivation you’re likely not alone. Gyms are happy to take your money and see you working out once a month because it helps keep the gym equipment in tip-top condition for the regulars to break.

In reality, I should have called this post ‘Making Motivation for Fitness Easier’ because it won’t be easy, for most of us anyway. Like learning Arabic and many other things, the beginning is hard but as you progress and count up those exercise sessions you’ll start to notice ease, growth and in the case of fitness, bodily changes that will surprise, shock and please you.

Motivation could be easier for you when implementing the following steps:

SMART goals

Write down and check-in with your goal to see how close you are to achieving it. A specific, measured, attainable, realistic and time-bound goal would be something like “I will get to a weight of 85kg by December 2020 from my current weight of 90kg, Starting Oct 2020.”

Treat yourself

When you hit milestones reward yourself for the achievement. This could be taking your wife out for a meal in that fresh shirt you wanted to fit into. Buying clothes that you have to work (exercise and eat well) to fit into is a great motivation.

Employ a Personal Trainer

Working out with a personal trainer is a fast way to gym gains as long as you stay consistent and trust in the skills of your trainer. It may cost you that bit more money but you’ll learn a lot and with time, you’ll be at your goal. A good PT will have you as their focal point throughout your training, motivating and coaching. You’re paying for the sessions so make sure they are with you, helping you, not chilling and have tea and biscuits while you train.

Set your surrounds

Bring in the equipment yes! If you like working out at home or you have your eyes on a pair of running trainers then invest. “Things” are useful but not everything. If you’d like to experiment until you find the kind of training or sport that’s suited to you then do it, no issue. If moving things around your home will help you get into the training zone and way of thinking then do it. We (my wife and I) have a workout area in our living room where we get the sweating done. The area can’t be avoided so exercise stays on our minds. Setting the surroundings could also be putting your trainers by the door at night so once the next day comes in you can get a 30-minute run in without thinking too much about where this or that is.

Know it ain’t easy

As I previously said, physical activity isn’t always easy but with time you’ll enjoy the ride. You should try keeping a fitness diary or log on your phone so you can look back to those days that really stand out as motivation for the hard times will come.

Training with a friend or family member

Like training with a PT, the aid of family and friends can keep your mind on the prize. When hard times come you’ll benefit from that like minded persons’ motivation and jump-start. 

Know what’s on the menu

Having a gym plan and healthy food plan are very helpful in that the guesswork of knowing what to do in the gym or what to eat after your session are non-issues. You can get the work done and worry about other things which is great. 

Wearing Fitness Technology

Fitness technology can be inexpensive and a great motivation as you track your progress in real-time. If 10,000 steps isn’t motivation to keep walking then set higher goals.

These are just some of the ways you can employ to stay motivated in reaching your fitness goals, there are many more you may be motivated by. At the end of the day the work needs to come from you. Take every day as an individual test to complete and don’t get overwhelmed by the tast. You can hit your goals and if you don’t get to the goal in the time you planned then take it as a lesson to learn from and not to be dissuaded by.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post, I’m Hanif of Criterion Fitness and Nutrition. If you’d like my help to get and stay motivated, you have weight-loss goals or an Athlete with nutritional questions, give me a shout [Here].

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Criterion Fitness will Help you reach your Goal and Grow in Knowledge.

With weight-loss as your goal, it can be difficult to figure out what the best course of action is. You may have spent money on sportswear like many of us during the lockdown, you may have invested in some fitness equipment (spinning bike is the in-thing), maybe you’ve been breezing through health articles and eating rice cakes due to their low-calorie count. These are all good to do and will all aid you in weight-loss, with the correct plan of action.

Criterion Fitness and Nutrition help Youth and Men achieve health goals and get into better shape with online consultations and exercise programmes. If you’re like the many men working from home, aware of their need for regular exercise and a good diet but no solid direction or lacking motivation, read on and welcome to our website.

So, it’s well known that to lose weight the idea is to burn/use up more calories than you consume each day until you reach your goal weight. Calories are the measurement of energy with Carbohydrates and Protein containing 4Kcals per gram and Fats carrying 9Kcals per gram. The food we eat will have an impact upon your calorie count so its important to learn about the food groups and how to use the foods you love eating to fuel your weight-loss progress. We at Criterion Fit can help you do this, drop a message to [Hanif] here.

Cutting sugary treats and other foods with low nutritional value is a great step that will make weight-loss smoother in the long-run but aside from diet it also makes sense to exercise. You’d think that exercise burns off calories real fast but in reality, adapting your diet alone is likely to see you drop weight faster. That’s not me saying leave off exercise! Exercise is a key component of a weight-loss journey because it helps you sculpt your muscle, maintain and increase muscle, increase bone density, improve cardio output and efficiency, correct bodily imbalances and posture and so much more.

The combination of good eating habits, nutritious meals spaced throughout your day and exercise are keys to losing weight. You, like many men, may find exercise hard and rather cut some foods but I’d recommend you also engage in regular exercise which can be done at home especially during this Coronavirus. Criterion Fit design workout programmes that cater to your likes and lifestyle, all we ask for is a positive mindset and your determination to win. 

The road to weight-loss is fun and educational. Whether your single, married or married with children, we can help. The time to put into your health can be found! Having the best plan of action for your lifestyle is important since we have different lifestyles and commitments. Our 8-week weight-loss programme includes weekly analysis of your macronutrients (Carbs, Protein and Fats), regular consultations, will increase your knowledge and help you to stay on track. Coupled with a personal exercise programme you’ll find challenging and exciting, the end of 2020 is sure to be that bit better than its start. 

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