Beauty And The Beast In The Making

There’s nothing wrong with a man taking care of his looks, I hope we can all agree with that as men. Just like you’d expect your wife to beautify herself for you, likewise, a man should do those things that make his wife pleased to call him her husband. A man should aim to dress well and smell amazing with good manners and a strong frame that can handle any given situation.

Being a ”Gym Beast, Rat, Monster, Shark” or however you put it doesn’t mean you have to be a Gym ****head. It means you kill the weight’s the cardio machines, the suspension training setup, the pull-up bar and on and on. You motivate the other gym users to push harder and hit those goals they’re chasing.

If this is your first time on this site thanks for you time. My name is Hanif and I’m a student of Personal Training and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu from London. I design gym programmes and offer advice on weight management as well as sport nutrition consultations.

For some time I’ve been using this gym programme (‘He’s a Monster’) myself and I’m pleased and confident enough in the design to share it with you. A 3 day split that works your upper body and your legs, if you’re relatively new to gym training or have had a couple of years experience this programme will be very useful. You can always double it up to have a 6 day plan with one rest day. I’d recommend new gym users to train 1-day on 1-day off.

You’ll find taxing and testing reps and sets as well as tempo’s that will shock your system into growth mode. If you have weight increase goals (muscle mass) I’d be happy to talk to you and discuss how we can work together to help you bulk up while using this programme or a bespoke plan designed to your needs.

Let your wife or future wife be proud of what a good man you are, strong and brave. Physical strength is always worth having in your catalogue of skills, abilities and attributes. This eBook is short and easy to understand in a no fluff layout that will get you the results you want when used regularly.

You’re the beast, the monster. You’re also the answer to the needs of your community with care and concern for others, a real man in a time where real men are harder to come by than small helium canisters in the street. Being a monster means you were built different not built less capable so keep beastin’ and download your copy [Here] for £3 – our early bird offer.

Road to Black Belt: Acknowledging Wins

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art I started training in because I understand that a man should know how to defend himself, his family and the community in which he lives in from people upon evil. When I started my gym training it was all about feeling better, reducing stress and getting stronger while learning something new. BJJ is a different kind of learning to the strength training gym environment. I recommend both forms of training because of the growth achieved through both pursuits however different they may seem.

When it comes to BJJ it’s important to constantly reign in your ego because you’ll get checked by men smaller than you and bigger than you. The gentle art is ever growing in the UK and world-wide and by the decree of Allah ta’ala a BJJ gym has opened up in South West London, Grapplers Den. I’ve been rolling with the GD team over the last 4 or 5 years inconsistently but more recently I’ve gotten into a rhythm and have been awarded my first stripes on my White belt.

Getting a stripe was a major win for me which I’m grateful for and I hope that this post will encourage you to go hard and achieve what you’ve been working at. Giving up on something is the best course of action in things that aren’t beneficial – we’d all agree on that. When we’re talking about something that is a skill, an art or an experience like BJJ we have to decide on if the benefit outweighs the harm. Yes in BJJ you get bashed about, wounded, pride shutdown but if you manage to pluck up the courage to return you’ve got grit and determination. That being the case, after your session you should acknowledge your win.

Defending those in need is honourable, working with your hands is honourable, patience and perseverance in good are also the same – honourable. As a muslim it is important that one gains an understanding of their religion, yes, but its also important for a man to be a man and be able to defend those in need. When I roll I’ve met young and old men that realise the importance of strength and maintaining good health. Before BJJ I was all about training for health which is good. Today added to my desire for good health is the power to work when needed. In Islam we define wisdom as doing ‘the right thing at the right time.’ If I have no strength then I’ll not be able to act when needed in a physical way.

If you started this year with the desire to get active but that day is yet to arrive don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you’ve only managed a couple of training sessions but have all the fitness clothing you need don’t hesitate to get in touch. We all start our fitness journey from different places and that’s fine, we all have our own stories and struggles. I’d like to hear your story and work with you to the point you can acknowledge your wins, big or small they all add up!

Thanks to Professor Javid and Assistant Coach Yahya for acknowledging my efforts over the time I’ve been rolling with more consistency. As I said, we all have a fitness journey and struggles, I’m not perfect, I’m practising, I make mistakes but the more we work the better we get. Get active!

Hit the contact button – top right! We can discuss your fitness goals and help you achieve great things this year and every year bi’ithnillah.

Road to PT’ing: Certified Kettlebell Trainer

Strength with Kettlebells

Nothing worth having comes easy and that’s real talk. I’m a step closer to completing my Personal Training course after being certified as a kettlebell trainer. The training sessions brought to mind the reasons why I got into training in the gym. I felt in the zone training and pushing myself to learn new skills. Helping people is something I enjoy doing as long as the ends and means are good. Writing gym/home gym plans is my way of helping my local community and connecting with clients around the world.

I met a group of great people striving to better themselves and achieve personal goals and that’s what the fitness world should be about. The days were long and sweaty but I enjoyed myself and came out with a certification that means I can train YOU with the use of kettlebells, utilising a number of techniques and exercises to meet your fitness goals. 

I’m working on an ebook entitled ‘Strength with Kettlebells’ and I have also devised an introductory kettlebell training programme lasting 4 weeks. Each week will bring about new exercises for clients to attempt and master, we also discuss topics around kettlebell training including its history.

Knowing what I know today after completing the training I could only recommend kettlebells as the one piece of fitness equipment all men should own. I’d also recommend them to the youth starting out training because you can use them for weight loss goals and strength/muscle size goals.

Many of my clients prefer to train at home to avoid the testing scenes of the local gym. The convenience of kettlebells in that they take up little space which is a plus. To increase the difficulty of using kettlebells you need only increase time under tension, increasing the eccentric phase of your lift and there are many more possibilities and ways to incorporate kettlebells into your training sessions.

Our kettlebell training programme will be offered as face-2-face (London only) or online sessions. If you’re stuck for space and want to train at home or you want to learn some new strength training skills to mix into your programme we can help you at prices that don’t break the bank or your posterior chain.

[CLICK HERE] for more details on our introductory kettlebell training programme.

The 10 Essentials of a Home Gym

Home Gym

Today, more and more of us are coming to the realisation that we need to include a level of exercise into our weekly timetable. Men, women and children, the elderly, we all need the benefits gained from regular exercise. But the gym environment isn’t for everyone. Gyms can very often be overcrowded if you attend at peak times, the sweaty environment can result in men and women becoming undressed and showing what should be covered in front of non-marriage partners, and when testosterone is ramped up the gym can turn into a Zoo with wild men doing wild things.

A great way to avoid the crazy gym world is to build your own home gym but if you have limited space this can be tricky. In this post we will run down the all-important, essential pieces of exercise equipment you should not go without if a home gym is what you want to invest in. My name is Hanif and I own The goal of Criterion Fit is to help men get a suitable balance of fitness into their lives. We have a number of services and digital products you will benefit from so click the buttons at the top of this page to check them out.

Building a home gym is a great investment that will save you on spending on a gym membership but there may be limits to what you can achieve in the long term depending on your goals. I’m writing this article for the average man that wants to look after his health generally, gain muscle and lower fat. Here are some of the things you shouldn’t go without.

Trainers are essential footwear. Yeah, you’ll be using them outside for running and walking but I couldn’t leave trainers off the list. Running is a great and low-cost way of getting your daily and weekly exercise in. Try running for 30 minutes each day and you’ll be amazed at the changes you see within yourself over time.

Bicycle or Cardio Machines such as an upright bike or rowing machine are great for your cardiovascular system and increasing V02 max. They don’t have to take up much space if you opt for a foldable rower for instance. Your levels of endurance will increase by cycling or rowing regularly which will make other daily tasks easy.

A Pull-up Bar is also essential kit. Work your upper body – arms, upper back and core with a bar. When one can master their own weight that is a true sign of strength.

Using an Exercise Mat for stretching before and after your training sessions shouldn’t be left off since muscles can get tighter and shorter if you leave off stretching for long periods of time. 

Skipping Rope is a great warm-up and burns a lot of calories which is an added bonus. There are many types of speed ropes depending on how much you want to get into jumping rope. Well worth investing in.

Weight Benches to elevate your body while doing your bench press is essential. You can find foldable benches and this will help keep the home tidy. There are many strength and cardio training exercises you can do with a weight bench as well.

Dumbbells, Barbells, Kettlebells are all types of weights. Dumbbells are best used for your isolation exercises such as bicep curls and tricep extension. Barbells are the long bar that will go on your bench. The Barbell can hold large amounts of weight, more than your dumbbells since it is longer. Kettlebells are all you need if you have very limited space. Kettlebells have a handle, horns and bell – start with an 8kg or 12kg set first, opting for Olympic kettlebells is best.

Resistance Bands may look like a time waste but you’d be wrong. Great for helping you get the correct form on many exercises, warming up for exercise and building muscle; resistance bands are a good addition to your gym.

Fitness Trackers and smartwatches are always with you so you can stay motivated to keep active and be aware of how what you do affects how your body responds. You can track things such as your heart rate and step count.

Exercise Plans, if you can only manage to invest in one thing this would be it. If you don’t know what to do you’ll do nothing! With an exercise plan like that found in our ‘Old Medicine meal and fitness guide’ ebook or a bespoke plan written for you, you’ll get to your desired goal a lot fast than you’d imagine. With your goals in mind, we at Criterion Fit can coach you all the way until you’ve achieved your goals and beyond. Message us [Here] and let us know you want a home gym plan.

Regular exercise should be an aspect of your day to day life. Since you’ve read this article we’re likely upon the same path. The space you have at home will be an investment in helping you live longer, stronger and with happiness. The equipment brands matter less than the equipment you’ll be using themselves. Just get active and live your best life.

Are you still eating like you’re in lockdown? Here’s what you do!

Take away food

Are you living in the past? Are you stuck in lockdown? Life will never be as it once was but that’s life, forever changing. The truth is without change or space for change, we cannot grow to our fullest potential. Criterion Fit provide fitness and nutritional solutions to the problems men like yourself are facing. My name is Hanif and thanks for coming to check out what we do and how we can help you reach your goals.

Lockdown will be in our minds for a long time but the negative habits we may have formed don’t need to stay around. The first thing one needs to do to rid themselves of those bad food habits is to be sincere with themselves, committing to stop uncontrolled eating. Acknowledging an issue is the first step to changing it.

Crowding out the bad food with cupboards full of healthy foods is well worth doing. Sheikh Abu Khadeejah of Salafi Publications gave this advice in a recorded lecture that can be found via The environment we surround ourselves in will rub off upon us such that we consume what we see.

It may be worth deleting some phone apps for the ease we experience in these times when it comes to buying food is unparalleled to any other time. The internet has given us access to foods in 15 minutes, foods that are unhealthy if we continue to consume them day-by-day.

Invest in a meal guide book such as our ‘Old Medicine Meal & Fitness Guide’ [Here]. A meal guide will have a menu of food for you to pick from that fall in line with your weight-loss goals. If you have more goals and lack motivation you’ll want to join the ‘Old Medicine 8 week programme’ [Here]. We can arrange a free consultation to discuss your situation and help you achieve your fitness goals.

Getting active is a great way to quell bad habits. You’ll feel better in your health and possibly build new healthy and supportive relationships with likeminded people. Exercise doesn’t have to be expensive and in the longterm it will pay for itself once you reach old age God willing.

You have the ability to change your situation, your health and your mindset. Take change a day at a time and keep track of the good and bad days by journaling. Weigh yourself no more than once a week, wearing the same clothing and after visiting the toilet to get a more accurate current weight. Be patient and rimplement the steps we have discussed to achieve your goals.

To get in contact with me click [Here] and check out my social network posts to see what I’ve been up to on a more personal level.

What are the best ways to lose weight?

Scale, apple and tape measure on white table. Nutrition and weight control concept. Horizontal composition. Top view

Being body conscious isn’t the realm of women alone, many men battle ill feelings about their bodies. If this is the situation you find yourself in I can only advise that you talk to someone with knowledge of this issue you face. As a fitness instructor and nutritional advisor, I’m in no position to give advice on such a matter but I hope you find solace in your own skin real soon.

This post is about how one can lose weight and the best course of action to achieve this goal. My name is Hanif and I help men in the UK and worldwide get into better shape and tune their eating habits so they can live longer, stronger and pain-free lives.

Losing weight sounds like an easy thing to do from the man looking in from the outside, just do some exercise, just eat like a rabbit, just, just, just! Yeah, for some men it is easy to lose weight which could be down to their genetics, metabolism, upbringing as it relates to food and exercise, for some people it is easy.

For any of you guys that are struggling to lose weight here are a few steps, you can take to increase your chances of losing weight week after week until you hit your target. 

An exercise is a form of physical activity that one engages in, eliciting various effects upon the body. Cardiovascular exercise such as rowing can be done on a river or indoors at your local gym; the exercise you do should be that which you’ll enjoy enough to do on a regular basis. Strength training using kettlebells, weights machines and/or dumbbells are also worth incorporating into your regular training week because they will help you tone your body as you lose weight, avoiding saggy and stretched skin.

Fasting is another way to weight-loss that I highly recommend. If you’ve never tried leaving off food and drink for half a day or so you’ll be amazed at how it helps you in restraining your desire for food, drink and other worldly enjoyments. Abrahamic faiths have fasting traditions that fasting to be performed in specific ways and times. You don’t have to be religious to fast, these days more and more people are coming to understand that fasting from the standpoint of bodily health and giving your internal digestive organs a rest will help one perform better and maintain good health.

Diet restriction is another great way to control and lose weight. Food and drink are made up of calories. If you eat too many calories, more than your body needs over a prolonged amount of time you’ll find that you’ll be gaining weight. So, reduce the number of calories you consume per day and you’ll reduce the weight your body is carrying. Meal prep is a great way to control your nutritional diet since you can measure and regulate the quantities of food you eat over a week. It’s important that you consume all of the food groups, get fibre and omega3’s into your diet to increase your overall health.

A combination of all the above would be the ultimate way to lose weight and do so in a balanced way. Regular exercise increases lung capacity, muscle size, strength and so on. Fasting gives your digestive system a much-needed rest and eating food that goes in line with your health goals will help your mood, libido and much more. I’m fully convinced that if you utilise these aspects of healthy living you’ll reach your goal weight and feel better for it.

My name is Hanif of – helping men level up their health and fitness. You can get in-touch with me via this link [Here]. Thank you for reading and stay healthy.

Fitness Training is a Key to Success and a Major Part of the Old Medicine

Fitness should be a part of all of our lives.

Exercise is a major part of the “Old Medicine” programme and in this post, we will talk about exercise generally, the benefits of regular physical activity and ideas of activities you may enjoy.

Hello, my name is Hanif, owner of Criterion Fit. I help men achieve varying goals in the areas of fitness and nutrition. A major part of what I do is listen to my clients in order to design gym plans that they can utilise and achieve personal goals. Exercise can take many shapes and forms from circuit training in a group setting to traditional cardio and strength training.

Pre-covid 19 there was already much talk about the increasing number of overweight and obese people in our western societies. This would only increase due to the long period in which we lived “lockdown” in the United Kingdom. Many people were encouraged to get active during this period by buying bikes, peloton subscriptions and kettlebell sets but many more decided to order from Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Just Eat.

Exercise is one of the best ways to sculpt the body although the old saying “you can’t out-train a bad diet” still remains true. Exercise is a form of physical activity and physical activity by definition is:

Any form of body movement that has a significant metabolic demand. Thus, physical activities include training for and participation in athletic competitions, the performance of strenuous occupations, doing household chores, and non-sporting leisure activities that involve physical effort. [1]

Not every client I work with has the desire to train or exercise in a traditional gym facility which is not a problem at all. I believe that we can achieve health goals in a variety of ways, some may take longer than others but the goal being attained and enjoying the journey, learning and so on are just as important as the time it takes.

There are untold benefits to regular physical activity so here are just some of the reasons why you will want to increase your fitness levels through exercise and the like:

  • Lose weight
  • Increase Lung Output
  • Look and feel younger
  • Lower Blood pressure
  • Increase endurance/ stamina
  • Prepare for marriage (look good on your wedding day)
  • Increase in strength
  • Increase flexibility and agility

Getting to the goal is what we all want, we don’t necessarily want to go through the hard days and nights of struggle to get there. But, the sooner you come to realise the journey is a part of the process and that you need to take a measured approach to get to the end goal, the sooner you’ll be gliding through the task.

The physical activity pursuit of choice is and should be totally up to you since you’ll be on the grind getting to those wins day-in and day out, not to say you won’t need assistance, coaching or advice! When starting out on a fitness journey it definitely makes sense to employ a Personal Trainer, watch some videos and seek out a coach until you can roll without training wheels. 

Have you ever thought of taking up any of the following forms of fitness training/ sports?

  • Gym Training (traditional cardio and weight training)
  • Cross Fit
  • Virtual Training (AppleTV etc)
  • Rugby
  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Jogging
  • Martial Arts including MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing, BJJ, Taekwondo
  • Tennis
  • Swimming…

With the Olympics going on at the moment you should be feeling charged up and motivated to get active. If you’ve always wanted to try shotput but haven’t till now it’s as easy as googling your closest athletics team and making some enquiries. Maybe you have a disability that would make pursuing your dream a bit harder but don’t give u on yourself or the goal. Many charities and organisations such as Sports England could have the answers.

I hope you’ve enjoyed and gained some knowledge from this short article. Staying active alongside a balanced diet can help lengthen your life and increase your quality of life so you don’t need to depend on family in your later years. This life is a steady walk, not a short sprint, I advise myself first, seek the cure in good food and regular exercise. The Old  Medicine is an 8-week programme that will help you tune your mindset into one that works for the long term so live long and strong.



Eat, Enjoy and Lose Weight

The Choice Is For You

When we think about losing weight the first port of call is often to ban foods we enjoy no matter what they are. It makes sense to restrict our diet a bit because keeping things the same will only garner more of the same. But the method of food restriction is very important and we’ll be looking into that in this post.

Thank you for checking into Criterion Fit! My name is Hanif and I’m a level 2 fitness instructor and level 3 nutrition course. I help men lose weight, learn about leading a healthy lifestyle that includes good food and regular exercise. I’ve been in the fitness industry for the last five years and continue to learn about fitness and nutrition because things are constantly changing. If you’d like help from me to help you with your goals leave me a message via the link at the bottom of this page or through my social networks.

Food is our source of energy for survival, it’s an added bonus and blessing from our creator that foods are so varying, nutritious and tasty. Some foods are arguably too tasty which can lead a man to overeat, eat and eat even more. We need to come to the realisation that there is an issue with the way we are eating – maybe it’s our frequency or food types or a combination of both. When we accept the issue we can take steps to change things.

Enjoy Your Food With Knowledge

When the journey of healthy eating comes to mind you may see black clouds overhead – vegetables and water doesn’t have to be the one and only pick of the day but you will likely need to find a taste for such foods due to their nutritional makeup. Many people are malnourished in the west, not due to sparsity of food but rather due to poor food choices that end up in a poor balance of macro and micronutrients. Discovering new foods is fun and beneficial to your health and there should always be space for the foods you enjoy eating!

Enjoying your food isn’t a bad thing and eating the food you enjoy shouldn’t have to come to an end due to joining a healthy lifestyle/ fitness programme. We at Criterion Fit help our clients learn and make informed decisions around food and exercise. True knowledge and action bring about power and happiness when it comes to a true fitness lifestyle. You may have been raised by your parents to have a certain view of food, you may need to rethink or unlearn habits, however, “The Old Medicine” programme isn’t here to take away your enjoyment of food.

Finding New Food Is Fun!

You can lose weight while eating the foods you enjoy but to make changes in life we need solid plans that are realistic and achievable. I enjoy eating Pizza and Burgers like many men do but to meet my goal weight I need to be cautious as to how much of these foods I eat each week. You may currently eat out 2 – 3 times per week or more, this may need to be revised down or maybe the food choices you make upon eating out need to be revised. Yes, you can lose weight while eating out but to do this you need to know much more about the food choices you’ve been making.

Enjoying your food is a mercy from our creator. He has given us so much choice, it’s up to us to show gratitude with remembrance and restraint with how we eat. The Eat Well Guide has a food plate that shows how an ideal plate of food should look. This is a great starting place for anyone looking for ways to manage and control how they eat based upon knowledge. Losing weight for overweight and obese men can greatly enhance your quality of life, help you avoid many illnesses and help your self-esteem.

If our 8-week programme sounds interesting to you or you’d like to learn more about it check out our programme [Here]. If you have any questions or corrections for me please do message me [Here] – anything of truth I’ve said is from Allah azza wa jal and any false speech is from myself and Shaytaan. 

About Me [Here]

Eat Well Guide Plate [Here]

The Old Medicine [Here]

The Old Medicine In New Times

‘The Old Medicine’ – (8 Week Weight-loss Programme)

The pace of life is ever increasing and the amount of free time we have is fleeting. We seek out our provisions and strive hard to get paid, many of us exchanging time for money whilst neglecting the fact that if we don’t look after our health we’ll lose both time and provisions.

The way of life many of us picture in early Islamic history is far removed from the way we live today. Even the way of life in the early 1990s was very different to the ways we live today! Today we can order our weeks food shopping to be delivered within hours; the food on our supermarket shelves and in restaurants are a lot more diverse than in previous times due to technologies and agricultural advancements that allow foods to travel the world. This is all good news for those of us with knowledge of nutrition, diet, and fitness. We can pick out the foods that meet our goals and help us live longer and happier lives. But what about those people with little knowledge about the food they eat? Those of us that eat what they were raised eating and haven’t ventured past that?

The Old Medicine is our 8-week programme for men with a desire to learn about food, weight loss and exercise. We talk about macronutrients, micronutrients, calories, how much weight you as an individual need to lose per week – we give you the steps to do it with a personally designed gym plan.

The name of our programme came out of an understanding that the men and women of old lived lives of work, struggle, pain and effort. They worked hard and if one became ill they would seek out natural remedies. What is more of a natural remedy than eating good food? Learning to balance a healthy lifestyle of good food and regular exercise is what we propose. We will guide you to the steps you can take to lose weight and keep it off long-term. The lifestyle we want to help you realise also includes fasting that you may be familiar with in one way or another. No, don’t need to be a Muslim to get on this programme or to work with us.

Time won’t wait for you or I. It’s time to turn your health around and get into better shape than ever. Learn about your diet and engage in regular exercise. With the Old Medicine you can still eat those foods you love, the goal is to increase in awareness and control over your diet choices. If this programme is for you let’s arrange a free consultation so we understand your goals to help you change for the better. Message us [Here] or via our social networks, talk soon.

Self-discipline over Motivation

Small steps lead to great places

I’ve never looked at myself as the most disciplined Man, especially when I was a youth. As a result of finding Islam and submitting to Allah (Glorified be He) as a Muslim, I’ve matured. Becoming a husband and father have also brought about growth in me. I take my health seriously now because I have a family depending on me. If I can’t serve those I love then I’d be holding them back so I keep grinding in anticipation for a door to open. You may be able to relate to this. You’re putting the work in for the loved ones, trying to do good for your community and society in general but things aren’t clicking as you’d like.

Self-discipline is your ability to control your habits and choices which can take some training. When it comes to your health you have to get past being motivated and drive into self-discipline because they are two different breeds of Beast. Motivation is what causes a person to want to repeat a behaviour and in this case, we’ll use exercise. So, you watch a video online and get motivated, great, but how many times will you watch that video and get motivated? It won’t take long until you’ve memorised the audio and no longer feel moved by what you viewed. 

Self-discipline on the other hand is being self-motivated and dedicated to the goal you want to achieve. With this self-discipline you can get yourself up at 5 am to go workout while the rest of the world is sleeping, you find more blessings in your time because you’re using time well, you’ll find more happiness in yourself and the things you do and you’ll feel super productive. All of this coming about by you looking to yourself for motivation with the knowledge that your goals won’t be achieved unless you get to work. 

You need to be knowledgeable about yourself, your weaknesses and what to do when you feel tempted to fall into old ways, you need to set solid SMART goals and reaffirm those goals regularly as well as introducing habits that are positive and help you reach your goals.

In my view and in yours I hope, you now see that self-discipline is the way to a happier and healthier self. Motivation goes up and down but by knowing your strengths and weaknesses you can stay disciplined and reach your goals whether you have slipped or not.

If you’re a man looking for a way to lose weight, you’ve tried things but really want to get serious and get into shape, CriterionFit are here to empower you to make better health, fitness and nutritional choices through our 8-week programme ‘The Old Medicine’, a combination of dietary adaptation (on agreed terms) and exercise that will get the ball rolling and allow you to finish the course more informed, educated and ready to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle.

[Email Here] and we will arrange a free consultation.