Road to PT’ing: Why you need to train with Kettlebells Now!


There’s a section within your gym that is seldom used but full of great potential in helping you reach your goals. Most of the people that step into your gym look over to the area and see a brick wall that they’re not yet ready to jump over, they wish they knew how and wonder if it’s really worth it. That area is the Kettlebell rack and yes it really is worth the time and tests you face in upgrading your training skills.

My name is Hanif and I am the owner of Criterion Fitness and Nutrition helping Men of varying goals, shapes and sizes enjoy a better quality of life and health. A Londoner that serves clients from all corners of the English speaking world, my passion for fitness turned into a business in 2017. Currently I’m working towards a Level 3 Cert as a Personal Trainer and outside of study I engage in Martial Arts.

One of the courses I’m really looking forward to is coming up soon InshaAllah/God willing, it’s Kettlebell Training. I, like many people used to walk past Kettlebells thinking ‘I should really give it a go, maybe later.’ The thought of not knowing how to use them properly turned me away like many of us but a Farmers Walks here and a set of Lunges there helped me in becoming more comfortable with the idea of Overhead-pressing and Kettlebell Swings.

I’m only starting the road to Kettlebell training but highly recommend this style of training and so I will elucidate to you the reasons why you need to pick up a Kettlebell or two be it by gym training or a set for your home training. But first, let us get a brief history of these weighted instruments.

Kettlebells today are fitness training tools much like dumbbells and barbell free weights but different in shape and application. Synonymous to Russian Strength Athletes and the Military, Kettlebell training has been a staple in the training of Men but it’s believed the weights were first used in agriculture to weigh up produce and the like. The traditional weight of a Kettlebell is 1 Pood, equating to 16kg and there are three areas to a Kettlebell which are the (1) Handle, (2) Horns and (3) Bell which can be formed from Iron or Steel in a traditional setup.

What makes this mode of training unique is that the user must control the weight against the force of gravity and their shape. Often described as the ultimate training tool, let’s look at why this style of training is so good and why you should get into it.

Cardiovascular fitness can be improved

“Continuous kettlebell swings can impart a metabolic challenge of sufficient intensity to increase V̇o2max” and concluded “Kettlebells provide a useful tool with which coaches may improve the cardio respiratory fitness of their athletes.” (Farrar, Ryan, Mayhew, Jerry, Koch, & Alexander, 2010) 

Increase muscle strength, hypertrophy and endurance

Kettlebell training can be appropriate for a wide range of training goals including strength gains, endurance and hypertrophy. The various exercises you can utilize through repetition coupled with the resistance and forces of gravity can greatly increase your progress while adding diversity to your programme.

Increase flexibility

A greater range of motion is needed with this style of training due to its vigorous nature which will help improve flexibility.

Adaptations to body composition

This style of training will decrease body fat and increase lean muscle, coupled with aerobic training you’ll find it effective in improving and adapting body composition.

Functional training

Many of your muscle groups are recruited during kettlebell training and this is much like the tasks of everyday living. Core stabilisation is needed as you control your body during kettlebell lifts. You’ll find many everyday movements lighter upon you due to this form of training.

If you’ve never touched a kettlebell but wondered why they seem to be in every gym, now you know. They are reasonably priced for the benefits you can gain from using them if home training is your thing. They are conveniently storable, movable and longlasting; as 2021 approaches and Gym’s are closed again due to the Covid19 virus it makes sense for anyone that wants to continue training to get a bell or two.

As I progress in my training I will be incorporating more kettlebell work into my exercise programming. Weight-loss goals can be smashed with kettlebells and if strength training and endurance is the goal kettlebell’s got things in check still. 

If you’d like more information on this style of training or if you have a question regarding current products and services I offer including Weight-loss assistance for Men then get in touch [Here] and I will reply to you as soon as possible. If you haven’t downloaded our Ramadan Health Guide do-so by joining the mailing list (on our Home Page).

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Pick your Kicks

Flat Shoes

Wearing a new pair of kicks (sneakers/ trainers) has almost always brought me happiness until they get scuffed up. You can’t buy a new pair and have them mashup within days, not cool. Most of us have those everyday trainers; your go-to daily run around kicks, those beat down comfy as anything trainers. But when it comes to getting your exercise in, with specific goals in mind you may want to trade those slides in for some real workout ready lace-ups.

Wearing trainers in accordance to your training goals will help you to reach your goals in a more comfortable fashion since wearing the wrong thing can increase your chance of injury. So what should you be wearing? Well, name brands are all sweat – I mean sweet – but they will not make you run all that much faster; if you’re fast you’re fast, and if you catch an extra second of air due to your trainers then good for you but in reality, the work is all you.

Trainers are first and foremost a form of protection for your feet from the elements so with that being said you should pick your exercise gear/trainers well; for protection, comfort, grip, durability and so on, before style. In this post I’m going to talk about the kind of thing I rock in the gym and on the road although I don’t run much – that’s about to change though. So let’s start with flats as my wife calls them.

Flats would be those close to the pavement, feel the road when you walk kicks and I’d say Converse Allstars are the prime example. These are ideal for Leg Day in the gym, doing squats, deadlifts and leg presses because your foot is fully and all the way connected to the ground, heels and balls of your feet. Some people will decide to take their kicks off on squats which gives them an even greater connection to the ground but you’ll be missing some grip and foot protection if you should so, unfortunately, mash yourself up.

Running Shoes

Running shoes come in so many forms and a lot of ‘running shoes’ are just for show, designed for street wear rather than 5/10k running. Asics Tiger Gel-Kayano 25X are what I’d call running shoes and the bright colours they come in will help you in being seen on the road on a dark January morning session. Running shoes need to be sturdy so you don’t worry about your heels and ankles but they also need a good level of flexibility just below your laces for flexing the foot. The best thing you can do is try a couple of boxes in a shop that has good knowledge of running like Runners Need.

In reality, these are the only kinds of trainers you will ever really need when you’re exercising, style it up however you like. You can buy weight-lifting shoes which are along the same line as wearing flat trainers but you’d be unlikely to sport squat specific trainers to the supermarket.  Running trainers or flat base trainers can also be worn while doing fast ballistic type movements, box jumps in a pair of stan smiths shouldn’t be an issue.

If money is an issue to your exercise you can rock plimsolls in the gym, I don’t care, just get the work in and give your body its due right to care and exercise.

Let Food Be Your Medicine

As a child, I wasn’t easy to feed or should I say I was selective in what I’d happily eat. By the Mercy of Allah (our creator and sustainer), I was born in a time and place where food was easy to come by. Like many children growing up, I didn’t fully comprehend how blessed I was even though my parents would explain how blessed we were, so I’d skip meals and order takeaway when there was food at home if I only walked towards the kitchen.

Today as a Father I go through what my parents went through, explaining that food is medicine for the body. More than just taste and enjoyment, food is a necessity that many people struggle throughout the day, every day, to get a hold of.

If you’ve ever been a smoker, vaper or drinker then you know how the chemicals within these things shoot to the brain and give a feeling of “pleasure”. Food does the same thing! Affecting the body and mind, even the soul and Allah (our creator and sustainer) knows best. It’s easy to think to oneself that an obese person is just greedy, it’s harder for us to look at that obese person and ask them ‘what has brought this situation on?’

Overeating can be due to many factors and most overweight or obese people would gladly shed the pounds if only they knew what to do. Many overweight people have tried to lose weight alone believing they shouldn’t look for help because they got themselves into the situation they are in but there is nothing bad in searching out for the best people to help you when they are masters in that field.

It’s said “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” in business, this translates into weight-loss as well. If you know someone that knows and has studied nutrition, energy balance, exercise and can turn the knowledge into actionable steps, work with them.

Food should be treated as medicine. How I understand this is that you eat in quantities necessary at the correct times and in the correct manner. Overeating is from being unrestrictive with one’s self which is easy to fall into when a person hasn’t been guided away from this.

‘The Old Medicine’ – (8 Week Weight-loss Programme)

If you want food to be your medicine and not your poison then [CLICK HERE] or through my social media accounts. ‘The Old Medicine’ is our 8 WEEK programme that breaks down how to maintain balanced nutrition, lose weight and maintain your health. An exercise plan is also included in the programme so you can get off to a flying start upon your health-conscious lifestyle.

Making Motivation For Fitness Easy

Without a doubt, from the greatest things you can do for yourself is looking after yourself; be it spiritually, mentally, nutritionally or physically. The fitness bug has caught hold of many people due to Covid-19 (pun not intended), people wanting to reduce their chances of falling ill, supercharge their gut health, reduce weight and reduce the mental strain of being at home more. So you bought new fitness clothes from JD Sports and Gym Shark. You got a box of supplements from The Protein Works and Holland & Barrett. You invested in the Foam Roller, Yoga Mat and Pull-Up bar, so what’s wrong?

old habits versus new habits

Buying all you think you’ll need is good because it shows you have a desire for change but buying things won’t make the task of motivating yourself as easy as you’d think!

Motivation – Oxford definition:

a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way.

“escape can be a strong motivation for travel”

The work you need to do to gain muscle mass for example will require consistent and planned weight training. That is physical activity that conditions your body into the desired bodily adaptation. Thinking about growing won’t bring forth the goal, work will. 

Your need to attain the goal needs to exceed your desire for the ease of non-action. You need to want it! Not everyone has the money to buy a £150+ fitness membership but if you can afford that and still lack motivation you’re likely not alone. Gyms are happy to take your money and see you working out once a month because it helps keep the gym equipment in tip-top condition for the regulars to break.

In reality, I should have called this post ‘Making Motivation for Fitness Easier’ because it won’t be easy, for most of us anyway. Like learning Arabic and many other things, the beginning is hard but as you progress and count up those exercise sessions you’ll start to notice ease, growth and in the case of fitness, bodily changes that will surprise, shock and please you.

Motivation could be easier for you when implementing the following steps:

SMART goals

Write down and check-in with your goal to see how close you are to achieving it. A specific, measured, attainable, realistic and time-bound goal would be something like “I will get to a weight of 85kg by December 2020 from my current weight of 90kg, Starting Oct 2020.”

Treat yourself

When you hit milestones reward yourself for the achievement. This could be taking your wife out for a meal in that fresh shirt you wanted to fit into. Buying clothes that you have to work (exercise and eat well) to fit into is a great motivation.

Employ a Personal Trainer

Working out with a personal trainer is a fast way to gym gains as long as you stay consistent and trust in the skills of your trainer. It may cost you that bit more money but you’ll learn a lot and with time, you’ll be at your goal. A good PT will have you as their focal point throughout your training, motivating and coaching. You’re paying for the sessions so make sure they are with you, helping you, not chilling and have tea and biscuits while you train.

Set your surrounds

Bring in the equipment yes! If you like working out at home or you have your eyes on a pair of running trainers then invest. “Things” are useful but not everything. If you’d like to experiment until you find the kind of training or sport that’s suited to you then do it, no issue. If moving things around your home will help you get into the training zone and way of thinking then do it. We (my wife and I) have a workout area in our living room where we get the sweating done. The area can’t be avoided so exercise stays on our minds. Setting the surroundings could also be putting your trainers by the door at night so once the next day comes in you can get a 30-minute run in without thinking too much about where this or that is.

Know it ain’t easy

As I previously said, physical activity isn’t always easy but with time you’ll enjoy the ride. You should try keeping a fitness diary or log on your phone so you can look back to those days that really stand out as motivation for the hard times will come.

Training with a friend or family member

Like training with a PT, the aid of family and friends can keep your mind on the prize. When hard times come you’ll benefit from that like minded persons’ motivation and jump-start. 

Know what’s on the menu

Having a gym plan and healthy food plan are very helpful in that the guesswork of knowing what to do in the gym or what to eat after your session are non-issues. You can get the work done and worry about other things which is great. 

Wearing Fitness Technology

Fitness technology can be inexpensive and a great motivation as you track your progress in real-time. If 10,000 steps isn’t motivation to keep walking then set higher goals.

These are just some of the ways you can employ to stay motivated in reaching your fitness goals, there are many more you may be motivated by. At the end of the day the work needs to come from you. Take every day as an individual test to complete and don’t get overwhelmed by the tast. You can hit your goals and if you don’t get to the goal in the time you planned then take it as a lesson to learn from and not to be dissuaded by.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post, I’m Hanif of Criterion Fitness and Nutrition. If you’d like my help to get and stay motivated, you have weight-loss goals or an Athlete with nutritional questions, give me a shout [Here].

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We have the Action Plan to get you Fit!

Criterion Fitness will Help you reach your Goal and Grow in Knowledge.

With weight-loss as your goal, it can be difficult to figure out what the best course of action is. You may have spent money on sportswear like many of us during the lockdown, you may have invested in some fitness equipment (spinning bike is the in-thing), maybe you’ve been breezing through health articles and eating rice cakes due to their low-calorie count. These are all good to do and will all aid you in weight-loss, with the correct plan of action.

Criterion Fitness and Nutrition help Youth and Men achieve health goals and get into better shape with online consultations and exercise programmes. If you’re like the many men working from home, aware of their need for regular exercise and a good diet but no solid direction or lacking motivation, read on and welcome to our website.

So, it’s well known that to lose weight the idea is to burn/use up more calories than you consume each day until you reach your goal weight. Calories are the measurement of energy with Carbohydrates and Protein containing 4Kcals per gram and Fats carrying 9Kcals per gram. The food we eat will have an impact upon your calorie count so its important to learn about the food groups and how to use the foods you love eating to fuel your weight-loss progress. We at Criterion Fit can help you do this, drop a message to [Hanif] here.

Cutting sugary treats and other foods with low nutritional value is a great step that will make weight-loss smoother in the long-run but aside from diet it also makes sense to exercise. You’d think that exercise burns off calories real fast but in reality, adapting your diet alone is likely to see you drop weight faster. That’s not me saying leave off exercise! Exercise is a key component of a weight-loss journey because it helps you sculpt your muscle, maintain and increase muscle, increase bone density, improve cardio output and efficiency, correct bodily imbalances and posture and so much more.

The combination of good eating habits, nutritious meals spaced throughout your day and exercise are keys to losing weight. You, like many men, may find exercise hard and rather cut some foods but I’d recommend you also engage in regular exercise which can be done at home especially during this Coronavirus. Criterion Fit design workout programmes that cater to your likes and lifestyle, all we ask for is a positive mindset and your determination to win. 

The road to weight-loss is fun and educational. Whether your single, married or married with children, we can help. The time to put into your health can be found! Having the best plan of action for your lifestyle is important since we have different lifestyles and commitments. Our 8-week weight-loss programme includes weekly analysis of your macronutrients (Carbs, Protein and Fats), regular consultations, will increase your knowledge and help you to stay on track. Coupled with a personal exercise programme you’ll find challenging and exciting, the end of 2020 is sure to be that bit better than its start. 

To get in-touch with us send a message to Hanif [Here] or use our social network in the top right of the menu above.

Stay Sharp and Stress Less: Keys to Cool

How you can control your stress.

Who doesn’t want to stay sharp as they age and throughout their life? To be able to see the target with a clear mind, have precision, ability and be able to think ahead, finishing in style? At the same time, which one of us guys doesn’t want a stress-free existence (where possible).

You can sharpen your mental and physical sword but ultimately our ability and allotted share of sharpness is limited to what Allah (our creator, the mighty and majestic) decrees for us. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t work to stay on our A-game; below are ways to help you see around corners and move like Neo is your younger cousin.


Working on your body through weight training regularly will help you maintain and better yet increase muscle size which is well known but did you know regular exercise will aid brain health and more? With added strength + speed, you become physically sharper and able to tackle the day, be it by running down a pick-pocket or carrying the shopping home to burn those extra calories. Cardiovascular work increases your heart strength and ability to take in oxygen, also helping your blood flow better. Your mind is also sharper through regular exercise and you’ll find your mood lifts, not only because of hormone change but also due to being in an environment where like-minded people come to put in that work after-work. After all the exercise you’ll be so tired that sleep will come easy, on a regular basis.

Exercise to stay focused – Any activity that requires a level of physical exertion is good (e.g. Running, Tennis, Cricket, Football, Cycling and Gym activity).

The food we eat can affect our stress levels.


The food you eat will give your engine the right combination of nutrients you need to power through your hectic day or it could be the reason why you fall asleep when there’s work to do and also the reason you feel stressed, agitated and sluggish. Food is stored energy, it’s a blessing from Allah (our Lord and Master) that we have so many varieties, textures, smells and appearances that go down so well. Eating too much and doing too little activity increases the chance of that food we love so much will cause our bodies harm now or in the future.

Stay sharp and stress-free by eating from smaller plates, increasing your vegetables and drinking water before your meal to fill you up that little bit earlier.

Have you ever had an appointment that you were anxious and eager over? Think back, did you eat everything in the house or was your appetite suppressed? If you take to eating a smaller quantity, over time, you will likely feel sharper and focused and with added exercise, this sharpness will only increase God willing.  Avoid processed foods (sweets, fried chips, burgers, and chicken) and select locally sourced, organic meat and vegetables, brown pasta, rice and bread that contain more fibre and drink water like you’ve just found life in the Sahara Desert.

Foods to de-stress: e.g. Avacado, Blueberries, Kale, Dark Chocolate at 70% and up and Salmon.

Additional ways to stay cool:

  • Better Sleep
  • Stretching
  • Prayer, Dhikr, Wudu, Reciting Qur’an, Seeking Knowledge
  • Build a positive Support Network (Family and Friends).
‘The Old Medicine’ – (8 Week Weight-loss Programme)

If you put your stress down to a poor diet and limited physical activity, you’re gaining weight and feeling unmotivated we can help you regain the positive attitude you know you have inside. We at Criterion Fitness and Nutrition will help you to feel great and look the part. Personal Gym Programmes, Weight-loss and Advice to control bad eating habits – we can help with these too. [Message us here for your FREE CONSULTATION].

The difference between Exercise and Physical Activity

Physical activity is a part of everyday life for most people and even with a severe disability it is still possible to engage in physical activity and exercise but what’s the difference between the two?

Exercise is a planned or freestyled series of physical movements, with or without added tension, to elicit the desired effect upon your body. This could be Cardiovascular exercise with the aim of increasing lung capacity or for weight loss or maybe weight-bearing exercises to increase muscle mass, speed and strength.

The NHS Live Well website defines physical activity as ‘movement of the body that uses energy.’ An example of this would be ironing a shirt, taking rubbish outside of your home or cooking food for your family. All of these examples require energy to be expended to complete the tasks, but is this enough to help us in the long run?

Some men believe they have little time for exercise which isn’t the reality for the vast majority of us. Finding the determination and a good programme to work with, at home or elsewhere is all that’s needed. A man may say I do a lot of physical activity through my work and this may be so but does that physical activity due to your occupation work your whole body, cancelling out any bodily imbalances?

Exercise can and should be a planned and controlled process that rectifies and improves your body. Coupled with a good diet (nutrition) you can maintain your health and potentially increase your life expectancy.

My name is Hanif, level 3 nutritional adviser and level 2 fitness instructor. I help men get fitter for the tasks of life and make the dietary choices that will give them energy and longevity. If you find it hard to pick out healthy foods when shopping or struggle to get the shopping home, we offer services such as our weight-loss programme (8 weeks minimum) and exercise programmes that fit your lifestyle and health goals.

Try this home workout circuit:

5 Push-ups

5 Crunches

5 Pull-up’s

30-second Planks

5 Burpees

30-second Static Squats

3 rounds, increase to 4 and 5 as you feel confident.

If you don’t have my Ramadan Health Guide (free to download), join our email list to get a copy.

What is a Balanced Lifestyle?

When you think of lifestyle many thoughts come to mind but the basic definition of lifestyle is ‘the way in which a person lives’ meaning what they do throughout their days, interactions and what they engage in.

These days companies do their best to make their products part of popular, trending lifestyles to ensure their business is no one-hit-wonder. Some people would go as far as to say they can even hijack a lifestyle if they can monopolise on the hearts and minds of the buying public, especially the youth.

Leading a healthy lifestyle is the “thing to do” but that has always been the foundation mankind was upon. But as time passes what was a healthy lifestyle can be turned on its’ head, smoking cigarettes being a prime example.

As a Muslim man, leading a balanced and healthy lifestyle can be achieved through seeking knowledge of Allah (our mighty creator), our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his life and teachings as well as the religion of Islam itself.

Some core aspects go into leading a healthy lifestyle and they are:

Diet – Eating but not to the point of being overly full, drinking water, getting your macro and micronutrients in-check, staying away from processed foods (having minimal amounts of trans fats), chewing your food well before taking another bite.

Exercise and Activity – engaging in physical activity on a regular basis if your job does not require you to be very active, finding sports or activities you enjoy to do so you a constant upon them, taking rests away from exercise when fatigued. 

Community and Family – keeping good ties with family and friends, calling them to good and away from evil actions, giving time to the community and those less fortunate (e.g. volunteering or aiding an elderly person or homeless person/giving charity).

Seeking Knowledge – Knowledge of Islam as well as seeking knowledge revolving around the creation (beneficial knowledge i.e. not magic or evil).

Worship – Showing love, hope and fear to Allah (our Lord, creator and provider), using the exercise and food you eat as a tool to help you worship your creator in a better way (in-line with the Qur’an and authentic Sunnah).

Wealth – Not being concerned with amassing wealth but having contentment in what you have. And if you are given more than many others you use it well, aiding others to the point your wealth doesn’t have a hold over your giving hand.

These are my thoughts on a real balanced lifestyle, anything wrong is from myself and Shaytaan and anything correct is by the mercy of Allah. Lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle and by the mercy of Allah (glorified be he) paradise is yours and mine in this life and the next.

30 minute Home Workout: Only for the Brave

Home Gym

It’s hotter than ever to do your workouts at home. You don’t have eyes watching you or distractions and music blaring like in a gym. The occurrence of Covid-19 has changed aspects of our living but one thing that doesn’t have to change is your ability to go hard and achieve targets when it comes to your fitness training. I’ve written this circuit training session for the men that like to push their limits and recognise their need for growth and a maintained health/body.

To get the most out of this workout circuit you’ll need:

  • Pull Up bar
  • Resistance band
  • Dumbbells

Always begin your sessions with stretching and mobility work to prepare your muscles for the work you’ll do and to reduce your chances of injury. On to the session…

Circuit 1:

Push-Ups – 10 reps

Chin Ups – 10 reps (assisted with resistance band if needed)

Squats – 10 reps

Jumping Jacks – 2 minute

Planks – 1 minute

2-minute rest

Circuit 2:

Push-Ups – 10 reps

Dumbbell Curls – 10 reps

Forward Lunges – 10 reps (each leg)

Jog on the spot – 2 minutes

Planks – 1 minute

2-minute rest

Circuit 3:

Push-Ups – 10 reps

Dumbbell Shoulder Press – 10 reps

Static Squats – 30 seconds (3 reps)

Jumping Jacks – 2 minutes

Planks – 1 minute

2-minute rest

Cycle through the circuits twice or three times. If it becomes too easy for you, increase the reps, exercise duration or reduce your rest periods. This circuit, if done for 3 weeks or more will hopefully yield some noticeable changes in your body, physique, strength and cardio output. Using it with rest days in-between sessions is ideal.

As you can see the circuits are broken down as UB, UB, LB, CV, CORE*

Circuit training is a great way to introduce regular exercise into your time schedule and it can all be done at home. If this exercise routine was beneficial to you then share it with family and friends and hit comment. If you’d like a personally designed programme that incorporates this style of training then contact [Here].

*Upper Body, Upper Body, Lower Body, Cardiovascular, Core.

The picture I used in this article is not my own photography.

Split Training or Whole-body exercise?

So you’re in the gym working hard to a plan you found online then time stops around you, you look to your left then your right, the pin of the tricep extension machine drops and then it hits you…”I could save time by doing a whole-body session,’’ Yes!! You can save time and there may be more benefits to a whole body workout than you know, but is it for you?

Split routines v.s. Whole-body routines

Many of us men follow the lizard into the hole by thinking the only way we are going to reach our fitness goal is by doing what the bodybuilders do. Are you really trying to be a bodybuilder while you work in a supermarket?  Bodybuilding is an extreme way of life that your nutrition needs to match. If your goal is to lean out and still be able to enjoy a takeaway meal from time to time, you need to reevaluate what you want out of the gym plan you’re using.

There are time benefits to working one or two body parts per sitting because you’ll be able to get out of the gym sooner than you would if working your whole body each day (less time on the gym floor), but by split-training, you will have to enter the gym more often overall. Additionally, you would give those body parts rest for a good few days before you’re back to working those body parts but with a whole-body gym plan, you could have even more rest time totally.

e.g. Man (A*) does Splits and Man (B*) does Whole-body.

A* – Legs and Abs, Biceps and Triceps, Chest and Shoulders, Back and Traps.

B* – All the above but lower weight and intensity.

Intensity can be measured in a number of ways but the easiest is to do a talk test. Can you hold a conversation while exercising? If you can then the intensity you are working at is too easy for you. The intensity during split days will usually be higher than you’d find with Man (B*) no doubt. However, his lower volume and intensity compared to (A*) doesn’t mean he won’t see results because his consistency over time and the bodily changes due to his whole body routine should garner similar if not better results (see video below – sorry about the music). Body fat loss can be greatly increased as Jim Stoppani states because of the bodies ability to continue metabolism as the body stays in a heightened state due to the regular and continued whole-body exercise.

Enjoy your exercise

The key thing I believe is to enjoy the time you take in exercise because it is a lifelong thing. You may have goals you want to reach now but there is a benefit in enjoying the trees as you travel on your journey. Whether you pick one gym plan over another doesn’t overly matter as long as you stick to the plan – you’ll see results. Exercise benefits the mind as well as your body so if you feel that gym beastin’ isn’t your thing and you’d rather reach your ideal weight by riding your bike then do it! Your goals are your own and sometimes a short consultation with a fitness instructor is all you need to discover your ideal exercise pursuit.

Ibn Qayyum (rahimullah) in his book detailing the medicine of the Prophet (peace be upon him) gave advice to not be excessive in your exercise. Scholars of our time have also spoken on this, recommending the seeking of knowledge not to spend much time in exercise. This is important to know for us all since our role in this world is to worship our creator. Taking too much time away from the remembrance of Allah (the Mighty and Majestic) can and will have ill effects on us and our relationships. However, if you have an illness, weight issue or something that can be remedied through exercise it would be in your best interest to engage in exercise that promotes your ability to worship our creator.

You now know some benefits on both sides of split plans and whole-body exercise. You must have a clear vision for what you want to achieve by going to the gym be it weight gain, loss, maintenance, cardiovascular endurance and/or muscle growth. Once you know what you want to achieve, prepare with a plan that suits your needs, with a fitness instructor consultation. This is the fastest way to reach your goals in a way you can sustain and build upon your goals. If that didn’t convince you, go ahead and try out different plans but as I said, with regards to weight-loss in particular, all the plans work as long as you stick to the plan (i.e. you exercise regularly and also have a good nutritional diet).

If you’re in need of advice to help you become the better you, the best you’ve ever been or you need Nutritional advice to suit your Gym Plan [Email Us] to arrange a short and free consultation.