Diet Advice for Sportsmen

Eat to Win – Dietary Consultations for Athletes (18+ years).

Are you ready to eat like a winner?

Dietary Advice for Sportsmen

A level 3 certified nutritional adviser, Hanif will help you eat like a winner to be the winner come competition day! We’ll devise a feeding strategy for 5 days leading up to and during that make or break day (appropriate for your style of training and sport).

You don’t need to search through unknown forums, eat what the big and strong guy is eating in the hope his strength and speed rubs off, you don’t need to read the various web articles and magazines or trust your training buddy that never makes it onto the stage. These mediums may have truth with them but we will take the time to research your needs, listen to your story, goals and journey to glory to devise a diet that will help you maintain focus, tranquillity, confidence and the drive to be better than you’ve ever been.

The best of the best don’t leave anything to chance. They employ tactics and strategies to set them apart from the crowd which means training hard, sleeping well and eating better than everyone else. You will be required to keep a full week of food diaries tracking your meals, meal times and quantities which will give us an understanding of where you are as it relates to diet, what if anything is missing from your diet and what can enhance your body, recovery, training and focus. We will help you bring the best out on game day with our consultation which includes your analyses explained to you online, by phone or face-to-face (depending on location).

Included in the package:

  • Food Diary Analysis & Consultation
  • Meal Plan (5 full days of meals)
  • Advice on Fitness Supplements

Message us via our contact page to arrange your initial consultation.

Eat to Win – Single Sports Nutrition Consultation

Sports Consultation including Food Diary Analysis, Feeding Strategy and Supplement Advice if needed. ***Do not make a payment until you have had an initial FREE consultation.


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