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WhatSupp’ (Supplement Guide)

The Supplement industry is big business and can be the difference between good health and the opposite of good health. The foundation is to eat for good health we’ll all agree but sometimes you’ll find supplements have a more suitable dosage of vitamins and minerals you need. Learn about some essential supplements that may help you turn the levels up on your competition.

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‘He’s A Monster‘ (3 day Split Gym Programme)

Have you ever walked into your gym and seen a guy killing the weight machines and free weights to the point you had to ask another gym user ‘who’s that guy? He’s a Monster!’ That will be what the gym says of you after a good amount of time using this gym programme. A 3-day gym split training programme to get your future wife(s) Instagramming, Facebooking, Tweeting and even sending out Morse Code because she gotta tell the world you’re her man. A strength and size leaning programme for beginner and intermediate gym lifters looking for real growth in the gym.

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The Old Medicine Meal & Fitness Guide

This meal guide ebook is designed for sedentary and lightly active men currently weighing 100kg (220 lbs) or above. Within the next 10 weeks, your goal is to lose 10kg of weight (2 lbs per week) which is best achieved through a balanced diet, fasting and regular exercise. The Old Medicine Fitness Plan was designed to accompany this meal guide and will help you reach your weight loss goal God willing. You are fully free to mix and match meals (for example Weetabix rather than oats for breakfast), adapting them as you see necessary, just aim to stay within the calorie quota for each day which is to stay under 2000 calories.

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Ramadan Health Guide

Finally, Ramadan is upon us and with this great month of the Qur’an comes striving to increase in worship and good deeds. But how can one do all they set out to do when their energy levels are slowly decreasing, staying up all night and seeking the bounty of Allah in the day? With work tomorrow it’s important to drink and eat well during Suhoor and drinking a RedBull probably won’t cut it!

This guidebook has been written to highlight key points every Muslim should know regarding nutrition and fitness in this blessed month. Brief and to the point, you’ll discover so many things that will aid you after Ramadan has left us, putting you in the best position to change your current lifestyle going forward.

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