Gym Plans

An Exercise Programme designed for you with the goal of Weight-loss or Muscle/Size/Strength Gains

Custom Gym Plans

If you have a handle on your diet you’ve solved half the puzzle to reaching your fitness goal. The other side is the training be it for muscle mass gains or to lose weight? Are you unsure of what you should be doing in the gym? Have you tried other programmes and plans found online to no avail? Well, we design plans to meet your specific goals and take into consideration your lifestyle and time available to train. After a free consultation with us, things will become clearer to you.

After your consultation, we produce a plan made available in pdf format to be used on your smartphone or any other electronic device you choose. Designed and taking into account all your likes and dislikes. But don’t worry about being left to figure out how to use the plan, you’ll have access to us whenever you need us to help you once and for all see the gains you want.

We recommend clients to stick with their training programme for no less than 12 weeks before we adapt the plan. Using the plan consistently for this period of time will help you physically see change.

Included in our plans:

  • Custom gym plan (up to six days of training sessions)
  • Ongoing access to us

Message us via our contact box to arrange your initial consultation.

Built Ready – Custom Gym Plan

Gym Plan (up to and including 6 days of programming) to be used for 12 weeks minimum. ***Don’t make payment until you have had your initial FREE consultation.


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