Gym Plans

An Exercise Programme designed for you with the goal of Weight-loss or Muscle/Size/Strength Gains

Why use our Gym Plans?

The Gym Programmes designed by Hanif are one of a kind and unique to each clients fitness goals – Weight-loss, Strength or Muscle Gain. Upon consultation we produce a full 6 day plan made available in pdf. format to be used on your smartphone or any other electronic device you choose.

Many Men have the goal of losing weight while maintaining, if not increasing in muscle mass. Our understanding of exercises and equipment best utilised to achieve this goal will ensure your targets will be surpassed time and again as you attain the health you’ve dreamt of.

If you’re new to the gym environment, our gym plans are ideal to help you start your gym fitness journey well. Each of your sessions should take little more than an hours work at a time. We understand our clients have busy lives, family and work to attend to so we are methodical with the exercises and sequences that we employ to get you lean, mean and ready for your next session.

You have everything you need to achieve your goals, our gym programmes only help you bring to life the power within yourself. Designed for your needs, easy to access, written with a flow to help you get the most out of yourself and your money, this is the programme you need.

Subscribe to our Gym Plan Membership where we’ll send you a new Gym Plan every 12 weeks; long enough to see gym gains and short enough to keep your body guessing. What makes this Membership even better is that we will adapt the plan to your specific needs, be it for hypertrophy or weight-loss, with up to 3 revisions to the plan during that 12 week period. Minimum Subscription is 12 months total.

For a single stand-alone Gym Plan or more information [Click Here] leaving your message and we will be in touch.

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