Bespoke Gym Plans

An Exercise Programme designed for you with the goal of Weight-loss or Muscle/Size/Strength Gains

Bespoke Gym Plans

Many Men have the goal of losing weight while maintaining, if not increasing in muscle mass while others may want to increase in size. Flicking through magazines and watching other guy’s in the gym to figure out your own path wastes too much of your precious time. Our understanding of exercise and equipment best utilised to achieve your goals will ensure your targets will be surpassed time and again as you attain the health you’ve dreamt of.

The Gym Programmes designed by Hanif are one of a kind and unique to each client – Weight-loss, Strength or Muscle Gain. Upon consultation we produce a plan made available in pdf format to be used on your smartphone or any other electronic device you choose. With email access to us throughout the 12 weeks (upon receiving your plan) we will work with you to achieve what you go to the gym for.


  • Bespoke Gym Plan
  • Priority email Access to us for 12 weeks

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