Weight-loss Programme

Old Medicine – Weight-loss Programme for Men (18+).

Our Weight-loss Programme will teach you all you need to hit your ideal weight.

Weight-loss Programme

If you’re a father, brother, husband or son with weight-loss goals you may be experiencing a host of other issues that could be alleviated by an understanding of food groups, ideal food quantities and understanding the labels on your food packaging.

Counting calories isn’t much fun, but before you measure food by eye it makes sense to count calories for a short time so you can expedite your weight loss goals. Our programme will empower you to take control of your weight in a fun yet challenging way.

Our workbook (physical copy UK only) covers all the topics you need to know to reach your goal weight and to continue on your balanced and health conscious lifestyle. Called the ‘Old Medicine’ because the lifestyles of the past (before TV and Food Delivery Apps) included much physical activity and well balanced nutrition. This is our way of thinking and we’ll coach you through the harder days, taking one or two points from the Prophetic traditions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) when it comes to food.

With our weekly video-call or phone consultations and access to us via WhatsApp daily, you’ll never feel alone when those burning questions or food cravings come to you. We fully understand that some clients won’t have the confidence to enter a gym environment so we can devise a home workout programme that gets your heart racing and body fat dropping, using the equipment available to you.

Included in your programme:

  • Weekly 1-2-1 Consultation
  • Ongoing Advice and Contact with us
  • Food Diary Analysis
  • ‘The Old Medicine’ Course Book
  • Personal Gym Plan
  • Food Tracking App
  • Essential Website Link Sheet
  • Goal Setting & Food Habit Advice
  • Ongoing Motivation
  • Learn about Calories, Macro and Micro-nutrients, Reading Food Labels, Recipe Ideas

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