Physical Products

Criterion BLOCK t-shirt (black)

Setting the levels, being the Criterion, being the man that everyone wants to beat is hard work but you take it in your stride. Now you can let it be known to the masses that your reign isn’t even close to being over. Our BLOCK printed DTG onto a soft Gilden t-shirt is light and comes in Large, XL and 2XL. With every shirt comes the fact that you’ll be helping to establish Markaz Abdullah ibn al-Mubarak, a centre of learning and prayer in South London, U.K. £2.50 will go to the cost of buying the building insha’Allah! [CLICK HERE] to buy your t-shirt now.

Road to Blackbelt BJJ Journal

You are on an amazing journey with Brazilian Jiu-jitsu from White to Blackbelt. The road will be tough and no two training sessions will be the same, so documenting how you feel, the experience, the highs and lows will help you recollect your times rolling. This journal is more than just writing down techniques you learnt, that’s a small aspect. What will keep you on the road to Blackbelt during those hard times will be your ability to see the larger picture, your growth on the mat and how it relates to your life off the mat. [CLICK HERE] to buy your journal today.

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