Diet Advice for Sportsmen

To perform at a high level you need to approach food as fuel to power through the competition. A 5-day plan of eating and consultation included will ensure you’re prepared on all fronts. [CLICK] to learn more.

Kettlebell Training

You will learn a number of stretches and exercises specific to this style of training. We will go through foundational Kettlebell exercises that will be invaluable to you as you further and progress your training. [CLICK] to learn more.

Weight-loss Programme

The Old Medicine, 8-week programme will help you towards sustainable weight loss. Lose weight while learning how to keep the weight off. [CLICK] to learn more.

Custom Gym Plan

You don’t need to be a gym zombie anymore. With our custom gym plans, you’ll walk in and out of the gym like a boss. Designed around you and your specific goals this is the only way to go. [CLICK] to learn more.

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