Bespoke Gym Plan

Have you been flicking through fitness magazines for too long, unable to gain the physique, agility and ability you’ve been working towards for so long? Our Bespoke Gym Plans are designed implementing tried and trusted principles that will get you positive results. Over a 12-week period we will flood you with motivation, training knowledge and up-date your Gym Plan as needed, helping you to uncover the physique you crave.

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Weight-loss Programme

The Old Medicine is our 8-week programme that will help you tip your nutritional balance in the direction of sustainable weight-loss. We don’t want you to lose weight by dieting, without learning how to keep the weight off. Rather, we guide and educate on forming healthy eating habits, how to apportion your food in relation to UK Health guidance and the importance of exercise to weight-loss.

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Sports Nutrition Consultation

A serious Gym Beast or Sportsman? We can help you get a grip of the world of nutrition so you can preform better, faster and smarter than the competition. A single consultation with us may be all you need to hit the ground running but as you very well know, being the best takes effort and your nutrition is no exception.

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