Kettlebell Training

You will learn a number of stretches and exercises specific to this style of training. We will go through foundational Kettlebell exercises that will be invaluable to you as you further and progress your training. [CLICK] to learn more

Gym Plan Design

Our Custom Gym Plans are designed implementing tried and trusted principles that will give you positive results, helping you to uncover the physique you crave and strength untapped. [CLICK] to learn more

Nutrition Coaching for Obesity Prevention & Weight Management

The Old Medicine, 8-week programme will help you towards sustainable weight-loss. Lose weight while learning how to keep the weight off. [CLICK] to learn more

Nutrition Advice for Sport & Leisure

Serious Gym Beast, Athlete or Contact Sportsman, we can help you get a grip of your diet so you can move better, faster and smarter than the rest. [CLICK] to learn more

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