“Fitness, a good diet, health and vitality are hugely important in my life. I’m passionate about how eating well and regular exercise can increase and support the extension of life and the ability to move to ones’ fullest potential.”

Hanif started his fitness journey in 2017 out of a desire to improve the health of men for the better. He has had his own health battles which were greatly alleviated through a good diet and regular exercise. Today he helps men of different backgrounds to gain the health, confidence and vitality they desire through Fitness Training and Nutritional Programmes.

He works to consolidate the knowledge his clients already hold as well as debunk any misconceptions and erroneous beliefs they have as it relates to exercise and nutrition so they can act upon firm knowledge, gain strength, live longer, happier lives and share their knowledge with family and friends which has an exponential and beautiful effect on families and the community in general.

“To begin with, going to the gym was out of wanting to feel and look better to myself and for my wife, to better manage health through physical activity and so on, but as I gained more knowledge around fitness training and then nutrition, I began to see just how important exercise and nutrition are and how a host of health issues can be avoided.”

Hanif is currently studying further and trains in the art of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu with hopes of helping as many men as he can whether it be by designing exercise programmes catering to varying goals and the like or helping design eating strategies for clients leading up to important days such as weddings.

“Criterion Fit is about being the one to beat, the level that everyone else needs to step up to. The services on offer are for men that have the heart to push themselves. I see an overweight man as an athlete in waiting, I’ll help him bring the best out of himself. Likewise, the fight sportsmen that need nutrition advice, I help them bring their A-game.”


  • Fitness Instructor Level 2
  • Nutritional Adviser Level 3
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