Get On The Road To Blackbelt

Note space is there to name the Professors and Coaches from around the world you’d like to roll with. Write down the goals you have for your session and tick them off with delight. With 100+ pages to take note of your training journey, this is the only BJJ Journal you’ll want to use and its available through the amazon website.

Document Your Progress

you’re involved in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, been rolling for a few months it makes sense to start documenting your time on the mat with a journal.

Road to Black Belt: Acknowledging Wins

Defending those in need is honourable, working with your hands is honourable, patience and perseverance in good are also the same – honourable. As a muslim it is important that one gains an understanding of their religion, yes, but its also important for a man to be a man and be able to defend those in need.

Road to Black Belt: The Road Is Long So Take It Slow

Many people get the bug when they first start training but it wasn’t like that for me. I tried Judo in school but I wasn’t consistent and the same happened with BJJ. I’d be on time but I found the struggle of BJJ to be real, it requires patience because you won’t find the white-belt stage to be easy.